The Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering (CMSE) is focused on cultivating a strong alumni network for our alumni.  CMSE loves to hear what our alumni are doing.  Our alumni are engaged in cutting edge projects, research and other types of programs in engineering, science, technology, education, medicine, business and entrepreneurship. You will find within these pages stories from our engineering alumni which are inspirational and encouraging.

Alumni Spotlight: The BTX Foundation

In 2016, nine inspired Black engineers found themselves navigating student life at one of the top ranked engineering schools in the country - the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park. Their engineering classes challenged and led them to collaborate with their peers to study, understand, and perfect the course material. Through their academic collaboration, a sense of community, friendship, network, and support developed that eventually led to the creation of The BTX Foundation four years later. 

The BTX Foundation