Students in the Clark School have the potential to earn honors and accolades based upon their academic achievement.  To learn more about opportunities, please review the information below. 

Semester academic honors are awarded to full-time students who earned a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher while taking 12 or more credits.  Current list of students with academic honors.

Students who demonstrate academic excellence may seek an enriched program of study by admission into departmental honors.   Enrollment in departmental honors provides a rigorous and comprehensive education which offers the opportunity for in-depth research and hand-on learning.
For more information about engineering departmental honors visit:
Aerospace Departmental Honors
Bioengineering Departmental Honors 
Electrical & Computer Engineering Departmental Honors 


Students in engineering college honors gain in-demand research experience uncommon at the undergraduate level. These students qualify for research apprenticeships, which may include the opportunity to perform research as part of summer employment.  They also have the opportunity to work directly with talented faculty who can later serve as references on graduate school and job applications.
For more information about admission or graduation requirements visit: