Special Note Regarding Fall 2021 Recruiting:

We know that this past year has been challenging, but we are very excited to invite you back to campus to recruit our engineering students.  Our students strongly prefer in-person interactions with employers; however, if you do not feel comfortable, or if your company has deemed campus visits are not possible, please feel free to schedule a virtual event with us.  The request form has an option to select in-person or virtual.

Information Sessions, Tech Talks & Lobby Tables

To increase your organization's visibility, our office can arrange and advertise an information session for you.  Most information sessions are held at 5:00 pm Monday-Thursday or at 3:00 pm on Fridays.  You specify the class level and majors of the students invited and provide us with a short description of the event.

We strongly recommend that the presentation portion of the session be limited to 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A.  After the session students will want to ask individual questions and if appropriate, give you a resume.

Another option for building your brand is to host an information table in the lobby of one of the engineering buildings.  We think of the information table as an informal, individual "career fair" whereby an organization can build brand identity in addition to having in-depth conversations with students regarding specific employment opportunities.

Most information tables are held for a few hours (mid-morning through mid-afternoon) Monday-Thursday to reach students between classes.  Just like an evening session, you specify the class levels, majors, and types of jobs available, and we'll advertise for you.

To schedule an Information Session, Tech Talk, or Lobby Table please complete this form, or contact Deborah Vidmar at 301-405-8096 or dvidmar@umd.edu.

Want to know more about how to increase your presence on campus? 

See the Recruiters in Residence page for more options.

Catering Your Information Session

If you would like to cater your event we recommend the following vendors:

UMD Goodies to Go On-Campus 301-314-8031
UMD Food Court On-Campus Various Vendors
Chipotle 7332 Baltimore Ave. 240-582-0015
Dominos Pizza 7312 Baltimore Ave. 301-852-3030
The Jerk Pit 9087 Baltimore Ave. 301-982-5375
Papa John's 4509 College Ave. 301-277-7722
Pizza Hut 9015 Baltimore Ave. 301-345-2244
Pizza Boli 8147 Baltimore Ave. 301-474-1313
Potbelly Sandwiches 7422 Baltimore Ave. 301-209-0635
Qdoba 6450 American Blvd. 202-600-6400
Three Brothers Italian 7434 C Riggs Road 301-277-4992


Contact Information

Deborah Vidmar
Assistant Director for Employer Relations