Meet Our 2020 Recipient

James V. Green
Associate Clinical Professor,  Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (MTech)

Professor James Green is the Director of Entrepreneurship Education and Hinman CEOs for the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute. While leading the entrepreneurship education program, Dr. Green has contributed to both the graduate and undergraduate educational mission of the Clark School by establishing the Master of Professional Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship, a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship, as well as the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program within the Honors College.

headshot of James Green

Meet Our 2020 Recipient

Yunho Hwang
Research Professor,  Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Yunho Hwang is a research professor and is co-director of the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE). Professor Hwang is a world-renowned expert in energy efficiency and innovative energy systems in refrigeration and air conditioning. In addition to developing energy efficient technologies he has initiated new innovative research on “Not-in-kind” Refrigeration Systems beyond sorption technologies such as elastocaloric cooling systems and electrochemical compression for natural refrigerants. 

headshot of Yunho Hwang