The Women in Engineering (WIE) Program is dedicated to promoting the role of women in the field of engineering. Our purpose is to produce engineers who value every voice and mobilize the power of community to thrive locally and globally as fearless agents of positive change. Our focus is on the recruitment of prospective engineering students and the retention of current undergraduate and graduate engineering students. Our programs are designed for engineering students who identify as women. All students are welcome!

WIE has an open door policy and our staff look forward to working with you. Our offices are located in the Clark School's Student Affairs Suite:
1131 Martin Hall
4298 Campus Drive
College Park, MD 20742
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WIE Student Advisory Board
The purpose of the Women in Engineering Student Advisory Board (WIESAB) is to provide feedback, insight, advice, and support to the Women in Engineering Program, and to promote community in the Clark School of Engineering. 

Meet the Women in Engineering Program Staff
Here you can find the contact information for our staff.

Women in Engineering Facts and Figures
Student success is a core value of the Women in Engineering Program. As of Fall 2023, women make up 28% of the undergraduate population and 26% of the graduate population. 32% of our first-year engineering students identify as women. Check out other relevant facts and figures.

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