Meet Our 2016 Recipient

Howard Milchberg
Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics, IREAP

Milchberg’s research interests include nonlinear optics; laser and optical physics; interaction of intense electromagnetic fields with atoms, solids and plasmas; and generation and application of coherent and incoherent short wavelength radiation. In very recent work, his lab discovered a new type of optical structure which may have many future applications: a toroidal optical vortex that accommodates phase discontinuities in high-intensity, self-focusing laser light pulses. The resulting toroids form energy swirls in the light pulses that resemble optical “smoke rings.”

"All experiments at universities rely heavily on grad students” says Milchberg. “I'm thrilled that my group at Maryland has some of the best students anywhere."

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Howard Milchberg in Intense Laser Matter Interactions Lab

Howard Milchberg in his Intense Laser Matter Interactions Lab (Diamondback)

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