Meet Our 2021 Recipient

Siddhartha Das

Dr. Das is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research lies at the intersection of soft matter physics, elasticity, fluid mechanics, and surface science, where he is addressing key questions regarding the static and dynamic behaviors of deformable surfaces under the influence of surface tension.

Dr. Das’ research is leading to the understanding of important soft wetting phenomena with the potential to impact applications ranging from nanofabrication to biotechnology. He has received wide recognition for his groundbreaking contributions in soft wetting and interfacial science, including their applications in fields as broad as water-nanomaterial interactions and additive manufacturing.

two people are smiling at the camera while holding a plaque. the man on the left is wearing a black suit. the man on the right is wearing a grey suit and blue tie.

Siddartha Das receives the Junior Faculty Outstanding Research Award from A. James Clark School of Engineering Dean Samuel Graham, Jr.

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