The Clark Doctoral Fellows Program substantially increases the A. James Clark School of Engineering’s number of graduate fellows, supporting 30 first-year doctoral students each year as an impetus for research in strategic and vital areas. These fellows have the potential to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators, launching technology companies and spearheading lifesaving advances to improve society.

Students selected for this distinguished program will participate in networking receptions, seminars, and other events in support of their academic and professional development. Each Clark Doctoral Fellow receives a travel stipend and works under the guidance of a Clark faculty mentor, selected from some of the Clark School's most highly qualified and successful doctoral advisors.


  • Must be admitted to a full-time Ph.D. degree program in engineering (includes current M.S. students who have been admitted to the Ph.D. program)
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. or its territories

No additional application is required for student applying to Ph.D. programs in the Clark School of Engineering. Each graduate program will nominate applicants that they determine are excellent candidates for the program.

This program will fund the tuition and living stipend of Fellows for their first academic year at the University of Maryland. The first-year award is renewable for three additional fiscal years using departmental resources.

More Information

More information about each program and how to apply can be found at the following links:

Current Clark Doctoral Fellows

Aerospace Engineering

Melissa Adams | Lab Page | LinkedIn
 Aerospace Navigation, Satellite and Debris Group Tracking
Thomas Bone | Lab Page | LinkedIn
 Direct Fusion Drive
Victoria Britcher
Frank Cianciarulo

 Robotics Using Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
Ian DesJardin | Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID
 Space Debris Detection Through Plasma Acoustic Techniques
Eric Frizzell | Lab Page | LinkedIn
 Post-Impact Granular Dilation on Airless Bodies
Ray-Shimry Garatsa | LinkedIn | ORCID
 Multibody Dynamics
Rose Gebhardt
Seyhan Gul

 Computational Analysis of High-Speed Tiltrotor Whirl Flutter
Daniil Gribok
Charles Hanner
Ravi Lumba
Joshua Martin
| Lab Page | LinkedIn
Autonomy, Controls, and Systems for Scientific Exploration of Extreme Environments
Samuel Maszkiewicz
Curtis Merrill

Sharan Nayak | Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar | YouTube
 Motion Planning of Autonomous Robotic Systems
Nathan O'Brien
Antonio Giovanni Schoneich
| Lab Page | LinkedIn
 Experimental Hypersonic Aerodynamics
Cole Sousa
 Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition
Rachel Suitor | Lab Page | LinkedIn
 Cooperative Control of Autonomous Underwater Sensor Networks
Logan Swaisgood
Edward Tocco
Grazchella Vicente
| Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID
Jacob Ward
Sarah Wielgosz
Nathan Witztum


Shohini Banerjee
Amanda Bogseth
| LinkedIn
In-vitro Modeling of Lymphatic Transport for Drug Delivery
Ken Brandon
Sean Carey
| Lab Page | ORCID
 Immune Engineering for Autoimmune Disease
Ariana Joy DeCastro | Lab Page | LinkedIn | Google Scholar
 Breast Cancer Metastasis, Mechanobiology, and the Cell Microenvironment 
Camilla Edwards
Bailey Felix
Eugene Froimchuk
| Lab PageLinkedIn | Google Scholar | Twitter
 Engineering Immunotherapies for Autoimmune Disease and Cancer
Rebecca Hays
Anjana Hevaganinge
Romanus Hutchins
| LinkedIn
 Biomedical Imaging Using Brillouin Spectroscopy
Collin Inglut | Lab Page | LinkedIn | Google Scholar
 Photodynamic Therapy, Glioblastoma, Blood-brain Barrier, Pure-drug Nanoparticle
Courtney Johnson | Lab Page | LinkedIn
 Immunoengineering Using Mechanobiology for Diabetic Tissue Engineered Therapies
Stephanie Kronstadt| LinkedIn | Google Scholar
 Enhancing the Therapeutic Efficacy of Extracellular Vesicles
Daniel Levy | Lab Page | LinkedIn | Google Scholar
 Engineering Extracellular Vesicles for Regenerative Medicine
Barry Liang
Jacob McCright
Shannon McLoughlin
| Lab Page | LinkedIn | Google Scholar
 Multi-material Extrusion Bioprinting for Craniofacial Bone Tissue Regeneration
Kathryn McNaughton
Idrisa Rahman
Ann Ramirez
| Lab PageLinkedIn | Google Scholar
 Using Immunoengineering Techniques at Gut Mucosal Surfaces and Lymphatics 
Sarah Robertson | LinkedIn | ORCID
 Proteolysis-dependent Synaptic Plasticity in the Visual Cortex
Justin Schumacher
James Shamul
| Lab Page | LinkedInGoogle Scholar
 Micro- and Nanotechnology for Central Nervous System Disease Modeling and Therapeutic Development
Caitlyn Singam
Ian Smith
Lauren Smith
Talia Solomon
Aaron Sorrin
| Lab Page | LinkedIn | Google Scholar
 Developing Delivery Strategies and Combination Treatments for Targeted Photodynamic Therapy
Michael Straker | Lab PageLinkedIn | Google Scholar
 Ingestible Devices for Diagnosing GI Diseases
Briahnah Streeter
Jan Oliver Viyar
Sally Wang
| Lab Page | Google Scholar
 Synthetic Biology, Cell to Cell Communication, Electrogenetics
Callie Weber | Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Sex Differences in Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells
Sydney Yang | Lab Page | ORCID
 Mucin-based Hydrogels as Tools for Immune Modulation

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Martin Ahn
Robert Allsopp
| Lab Page | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Cellular Signaling from an Atomistic and Thermodynamic View
Leah Klein Borden | LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Medical Applications of Chemical Engineering
Eric Carmona | Lab Page | Google Scholar | ResearchGate
 Solid State Batteries and Electrochemical Engineering
Sichao Cheng | LinkedIn | Google Scholar
Michael Danner | LinkedIn | ORCID
Materials for Energy Efficiency, Electrochemical Engineering, Nano-materials
Metecan Erdi | Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Translational Biomaterials for High Impact In Vivo Applications
Richard Hoft | LinkedIn
 Solid-State Batteries
Nathan Johnson | Lab Page
 Simulation of All-Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries
Karl Larson | LinkedIn
 Solid State Batteries
Joshua Little | Lab PageLinkedIn
Investigating MXene Metallic Backbones and Their Electrical Properties
Wright Makambi | Lab Page | LinkedIn
 Rational Design of Salivary Peptides 
Ryan James Moore
Robert Morris
Shakiba Nikfarjam
| Lab Page
 Protein Biophysics
Funke Okunrinboye
Joseph Whitmore
| Lab Page | LinkedIn
 Thin Film Deposition

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Kristen Croft | LinkedIn
 Stormwater Quality, Treatment and Remediation of PCBs and Heavy Metals
Constantinos Frantzis
 Probabilistic Natural Hazard Assessment
Meigan McManus
Camila Proano
Arturo Ramirez
Amir Riyahi
Linda Waters
| LinkedIn
 Leveraging Federal Disaster Outlays to Achieve Sustainability Targets

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dimitris Amiridis
Erin Avllazagaj
| Lab Page | LinkedIn | Google Scholar
 Malware Analysis and Big Data Mining
Joseph Brock | Lab Page
 Integrated Nanophotonic Devices
Marilyn Duong | LinkedIn
 Multi-Agent Control, Optimization, Wireless Sensor Networks
Alexander Einarsson
Charlie Fisher
Samuel Harper
| Lab Page | Directory Page
 Quantum Optics for Quantum Networking Applications
Brian Holt
Brendan Jordan

 Fabrication and Characterization of 2-D heterostructures
Hunter Kippen | LinkedIn
 Post Quantum Cryptography
Zachary McBride Lazri
 Application of Signal Processing and Machine Learning to Health Problems
Isaac McDaniel
Digital Circuit Obfuscation
Nicole Menkart | Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID
 Quantum Optics for Communication
Erfaun Noorani | Github | LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Robust-resilient-adaptive Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning
Mahshid Noorani
Oslan Ozbay
Michael Pedowitz
| Lab Page | ORCID
 Deposition of Thin film Oxides on Graphene Heterostructures
Nathaniel Renegar
Jazzmin Robinson
| Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID
 Optoelectronic Analog Processing
Ariana Spalter
Amoolya Tirumalai
| LinkedIn | ORCID
 Mean-field Control of Consensus Dynamical Systems
Stefan Waczynski
Viviane Zurdo Costa
| Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID

Materials Science & Engineering

Felix Adams | LinkedIn
Computational Materials Science, Autonomous Experimentation
Gillian Boyce
Kayla Callaway
| LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Transmission Electron Microscopy
Sabrina M. Curtis | LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Smart Materials, Shape Memory Alloys, Stretchable Electronics, Energy Harvesting, Energy Storage
Thomas Farinha | ORCID
 Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Topological Semimetal Cd3As2
Rebecca Fedderwitz
Daniela Fontecha
| LinkedIn
 ALD Process Development of Ionic Materials, Thin Film Sodium Solid-state Batteries
Samuel Freed
Patricia Gonzales
Steven Guerin
Rachel Hegab
Michael Hinshelwood
John Hoerauf
| Lab Page
Neuromorphic Computing Materials Development
Dylan J. Kirsch | Lab Page | Directory Page | LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Sputter Deposition, Transport Property Measurements, Energy Storage & Conversion Materials
Madeline Morales | LinkedIn | Google Scholar
 Characterization of Carbon-metal Matrix Composites
Ramsay Nuwayhid
Jonathan O'Neill
| Lab Page | LinkedIn
 Transport Simulations for Solid-State Battery Optimization
Jessica Patel
Justin Pearson

 Study of Ferroelectrics for Neuromorphic Devices
William Schubert | Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID
Solid State Batteries
Arefpour Seyed
Aphrodite Strifas
| LinkedIn
 Process Optimization and Mechanical Properties Enhancement of HY Steels
Richmond Wang | LinkedIn
 Pulsed Laser Deposition of Oxide Functional Materials

Mechanical Engineering

Kieran Barvenik
Arko Chatterjee
Deng Yun Chen
Lautaro Cilenti
| LinkedIn
 Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamics
Adira Colton | Lab Page | LinkedIn
Nano-scale 3D Printing for Biomedical Applications
Allen Garcia | Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Natural Language Processing
Nathan Hoffman
Anthony Jones
Elizabeth Jordan
| LinkedIn | ORCID
Optimization and Decision Support Systems
Ellery William Klein
 Heat Exchanger Design and Testing
Samuel Lee | LinkedIn
 Experimental Fluid-Structure Interaction
Charles Meehan | LinkedIn
 Decision Making for Robotic Grasping and Manipulation Tasks
Janel Niska | Lab Page | LinkedIn
 Enhanced Tube Heat Transfer
Connor O'Ryan | Lab Page
 Using Language Processing to Extract Information from Domain Specific Text
Kathryn Pacheco
Jesse Parreira
Kendyl Waddell
| LinkedIn | ORCID
 Combustion and Fire Protection
Michael Xu
Olivia Young
| Lab Page | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Additive Manufacturing for Microfluidics Applications

Reliability Engineering

Lance Curtis
 Use of Entropy to Predict Welded Joint Failure Under Corrosion Fatigue
Camille Levine | Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Improving the Causal Foundations for Human Reliability Analysis in Nuclear Power Applications
Vincent Paglioni | Lab Page | LinkedIn | ORCID | Google Scholar
 Dependency for Human Reliability Analysis in Nuclear Power
Joy Shen | LinkedIn
 Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Flooding of Multi-unit Nuclear Reactor Sites

Clark Doctoral Fellows Alumni

Louis Born (Ph.D. '21, Bioengineering)
DissertationFormulation and Delivery of Enhanced Extracellular Vesicles for Wound Repair
Andrew Ceruzzi (Ph.D. '22, Aerospace Engineering)
DissertationDevelopment of Two-point Focused Laser Differential Interferometry for Applications in High-speed Wind Tunnels
Ashley Chapin (Ph.D. '22, Bioengineering)
Dissertation: Serotonin Sensor-integrated In Vitro Systems as Research Tools to Address the Gut Brain Axis
Parham Dehghani (Ph.D. '22, Mechanical Engineering)
Dissertation: Burning Emulations of Condensed Phase Fuels Aboard the International Space Station
Daniel Fernando Escobar (Ph.D. '20, Aerospace Engineering)
DissertationFundamental Understanding of Helicopter Aeromechanics On Mars Through Chamber Testing and High-Fidelity Analysis
Emily Fisler (Ph.D. '22, Aerospace Engineering)
DissertationComprehensive Study and Fundamental Understanding of Lithium Sulfur Batteries for eVTOL
Brandon Gaitan (Ph.D. '22, Bioengineering)
DissertationDevelopment of Fluorescent Imaging Methods and Systems to Determine Photodynamic Potential and Inform Cancer Treatment Efficacy
Raquel Hakes Wetson-Dawkes (Ph.D. '21, Mechanical Engineering)
DissertationStudies of Inclined Flame Instabilities and the Relationship Between Wildland Fire Exposure and Structure Destruction
Samuel Horlick (Ph.D. '21, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
DissertationTuning the Structure and Chemistry of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes for High Performance and Stable Operation
Mithuun Kanapathipillai (Ph.D. '22, Aerospace Engineering)
DissertationScramjet Combustor Mode Transition by Controlling Fuel Injection Distribution
Austin Drisko Lewis (Ph.D. '22, Reliability Engineering)
DissertationDynamic Bayesian Network Data Updating Approaches for Enabling Causal Prognostics and Health Management of Complex Engineering Systems
Tyler Sinotte (Ph.D. '20, Aerospace Engineering)
DissertationA Strain-Based Experimental Methodology for Measuring Sectional Stiffness Properties of Composite Blades
James Sutherland (Ph.D. '22, Aerospace Engineering)
DissertationDevelopment and Whirl Flutter Testing of Swept-Tip Tiltrotor Blades
Amirhossein Yazdkhasti (Ph.D. '22, Mechanical Engineering)
Dissertation: Passive and Active Graded-index Acoustic Metamaterials: Spatial and Frequency Domain Multiplexing