Could you be an engineer?

What would you include in a top-ten list of inventions? Airplanes? TV remotes? The Internet? DNA testing? Microwave ovens? Artificial hearts?

There's an organization called the National Academy of Engineering that has created just such a list, with interesting information to help you understand how they made their choices. Their web site is called The Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century.

Do you agree with their selections? How do their ideas compare with yours? And what would you imagine as the top inventions for the future?

Here at the Clark School, we help people become engineers and make their imaginative ideas come true. If you're curious about engineering, and wonder whether it's something you might enjoy—or if you're the parent or teacher of someone who fits that description—we have several ways to help you explore.

Summer Programs

Do you want to learn how to use power tools or build an underwater Robot? Clark School summer programs let middle and high school students solve interesting engineering problems and engage in teamwork right here on the university campus.

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School Year Workshops

From one-day events to ongoing programs, high school and middle school students can engage in hands-on activities, learn about professional career options, be introduced to the University of Maryland campus, and meet role models. 

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Prospective Students

Engineers create the newest products, services, and ideas to improve human health, safety, and happiness! Being a Clark School engineering student can open the doors to success for you from day one.

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Terp Young Scholars Program

Discover the challenge, excitement, and independence of campus life! With other academically talented high school students, you will pursue an academic interest, engage with dynamic faculty, enjoy UMD’s outstanding facilities and amenities, and get a jump on college by earning three university credits.

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