Introduction to Engineering Leadership (ENES317)

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ENES317 - Introduction to Engineering Leadership (GenEd DSSP)

Available Summer II 2020 (July 13, 2020 - August 21, 2020), Fall 2020, and Spring 2021! Summer session is open to all students. Register on Testudo now!

This online course serves as an introduction to leadership theory and practice. The purpose of the course is two-fold. First, you will gain an understanding of historical and contemporary leadership theories. You will learn the theoretical basis of the model, the strengths and limitations of the model, and how to apply the model to practical situations in personal and professional settings. Second, you will explore your personal leadership style through a series of assignments and course activities. The class will rely heavily on online discussions, reflective practice, and case study analysis. We will pull examples from media, research, industry, and most importantly your own experiences to explore the phenomena of leadership. By the end of this course you will have developed a well-rounded understanding of leadership concepts for use in your own leadership situations. This course will build a foundation upon which to build lifelong learning practice for leadership development.

Course Learning Outcomes

By actively participating in this course, you will:

  • Increase self-awareness through the exploration of values, beliefs, culture, and identity and their relationship to leadership.
  • Discover the complexities of leadership and the multi-disciplinary and integrative nature of leadership studies.
  • Comprehend a range of formal leadership theories and how they translate to practice.
  • Learn the basics of group dynamics and organizational behavior in order to function constructively in leadership settings.
  • Critically think about the utility of leadership theory in one’s professional practice.
  • Begin to develop a personal plan for leadership development that articulates an evolving philosophy of leadership and the necessary steps to continue learning.

How can I apply this course to my degree program?

  • This course fulfills a GenEd Scholarship in Practice (DSSP) requirement.
  • Fulfills a minor requirement for students in the following minor programs:
    • International Engineering
    • Engineering Leadership Development
    • Global Engineering Leadership
  • Fulfills a Clark Scholars program requirement
  • Other majors/minors should reach out to their advisors to determine if this course can be applied to their degree program.

Meet Your Instructor

Natasha ChapmanDr. Natasha Chapman (she/her/hers)

Natasha Chapman is the Lecturer and Advisor for the Global Engineering Leadership Program in the A. James Clark School of Engineering and also serves as an affiliate Assistant Professor with the Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education. Dr. Chapman has been a leadership educator for 15 years having also served as the Coordinator for the Leadership Studies Program at UMD, an Assistant Professor for Leadership Studies at WVU, and the Director of the TCU Leadership Center. Natasha’s work has generated numerous opportunities to consult and advise college leadership programs, over 50 presentations for national and international conferences, and a dozen publications.  This includes recent articles on metacognitive capacity building and critical leadership perspectives in Issues in Interdisciplinary Studies, the Journal of Leadership Studies, and New Directions for Student Leadership

Minor students can register now in Testudo or contact the Office of Global Engineering Leadership to learn more!

If you are not currently enrolled in the Global Engineering Leadership Minor, you can request permission for this course by contacting Dr. Natasha Chapman (