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The purpose of The Women in Engineering Student Advisory Board (WIESAB) is to provide feedback, insight, advice, and support to the Women in Engineering Program, and to promote community among all women in the School of Engineering. 

Meet Our Members!


Marisol Hernandez - Co-Chair of WIESAB

Marisol Hernandez is a junior studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. She has been involved in WIE since her freshman year when she joined Flexus, the WIE Living and Learning Community. She is very passionate about Women in Engineering and is actively involved in WIE programs, including serving as a Mentor Coordinator in the WIE Connect Peer Mentoring Program. Marisol also is involved in Alpha Omega Epsilon, SHPE, and Vintage Voices. She enjoys reading, swimming, and exploring new places. She is looking forward to studying abroad in Spain during the spring 2023 semester. 

Aniqa Islam - Co-Chair of WIESAB

Aniqa Islam is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and minoring in Planetary Science. She first became involved with WIE through the FYSE program in the summer before her freshman year and has met some of her closest friends through it. She's excited to be serving on the WIESAB and helping to promote diversity and further inclusion in engineering by working with women for women. On campus, she is primarily involved with the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) chapter at UMD. Off campus, you can find her reading, creating crafts, and watching musicals!

Ijeoma Asonye

I am Ijeoma Asonye. I am a student, author, entrepreneur, and artist. I study Mechanical Engineering and Creative Writing at the University of Maryland. Outside of school, I write A LOT. I wrote the novel, "The Beautiful Math of Coral," a coming-of-age story set in college, one reason being that I love to tell stories. I like being involved in different modes of expression whether that be helping out in virtual reality projects, spending a year writing a book, or taking a class about graphic novels. As you can probably tell, I am someone who likes to explore and be free. l'd like to say I am someone with an artistic soul but engineering doesn't hold me back (despite the large premise about STEM not being creative) it just gives me another way to express my artistic self and engineer different forms of art!

Riordan Correll-Brown

Rae Correll-Brown is a junior studying Chemical Engineering. She first became involved with WIE through the Flexus Living and Learning Program, and has since worked as a WIE tutor and a peer mentor. Outside of WIE, she is a member of the AIChE board and the Gemstone Research Honors Program. She also works in a lab on campus researching solid-state batteries. Rae is excited to serve on the WIE Advisory Board for the first time and help contribute to a program that has had such a positive impact on her UMD experience. 

Allison Griffith

Allison Griffith is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Project Management. On campus, Allison is involved with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Alpha Omega Epsilon. She also works as a Peer Assistant in the Engineering Career Services Office and an intern for the Women in Engineering Program. Allison has been passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion on campus ever since she attended her first DREAM Conference and the Exploring Engineering summer program sponsored by WIE when she was in high school. She is excited to be a member of WIESAB and to help represent voices from different engineering organizations on campus! 

Sarah Han

Sarah Han is a sophomore majoring in Bioengineering who plans to earn her MD/PhD in clinical research and tissue engineering. She became involved in WIE through the peer mentoring program during her freshman year and quickly realized the importance of the WIE community. On campus, she is involved in research at Fisher Lab and is also part of student organizations such as the College Park Scholars Advisory Board, Student Health Advisory Committee, and the Student Alumni Leadership Council. Her favorite hobby is listening to jazz with warm apple cider. She is excited to be a part of WIESAB to represent women's voices and to bring a more diverse and inclusive engineering community! 

Erika Maher

Erika Maher is a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Erika is very passionate about supporting women in engineering and the Women in Engineering program initiatives. She has served as President of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) for the last two years and loves getting to know SWE members. She is a FLEXUS Living and Learning Community alumna and is also involved with several student organizations including Alpha Omega Epsilon, Clark School Ambassadors, and the WIE Connect Peer Mentoring Program. 

Ritika Naiknavare

Hi everyone! My name is Ritika Naiknavare, and I am currently a senior majoring in Bioengineering from Rockville, MD. Besides being involved in the Women in Engineering Program, I am also a part of undergraduate research here on campus, Maryland Images, and I help run a women's fitness club! 

Shruti Vig

Shruti Vig is a fourth-year PhD student at the Fischell Department of BIOE at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her research focuses on developing targeted optical therapeutics to enhance drug delivery to the brain under Dr. Huang Chiao-Huang's guidance at UMCP and Dr. Graeme F. Woodworth at UMB. Outside of the lab, Shruti enjoys swimming, hiking, and exploring new places. Shruti is an aficionado of creating inclusive environments to encourage women to achieve their fullest potential as an engineer. As a member of WIESAB, she looks forward to contributing towards sparking a community amongst women in engineering.

Kaitlyn Watson

Kaitlyn Watson is a senior majoring in Bioengineering with a minor in Global Engineering Leadership. She wants to use her degree to increase medical accessibility and affordability. Kaitlyn is passionate about supporting women and minorities in STEM through tutoring, mentoring, and other involvements, and is excited to be serving on the WIESAB board to promote inclusion and diversity in engineering. Kaitlyn is involved in undergraduate research, undergraduate teaching, and Tau Beta Pi. Outside of school, she loves to travel, read, participate in outdoor activities, and try new things. 


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