• The Keystone Program offers winter and summer courses online. Exams for these courses are offered either in person at the University of Maryland in College Park or at an approved off-site proctoring center.
  • Alternative proctoring maybe offered at an approved proctoring site. ALL proctoring sites must be located within the United States and MUST be approved by the Keystone Program. Any proctoring sites located outside the United States will NOT BE ALLOWED!!!


  • Make sure to discuss with your instructor that proctoring will be needed well in advance.
  • Find or locate a proctoring site and it MUST be approved.
  • Submit an alternative proctor proposal form 10 days before the start of the semester so it can be reviewed and received feedback for approval/disapproval. No late forms will be accepted after the deadline.  Based on the decisions of the alternative proctor proposal, students will be able to decide to either stay enrolled in the course or drop the course within the academic deadline date to receive a full refund.
    • The Keystone Program will review and approve or deny the alternative proctoring proposal based on a) assessing the proposal's information b) verifying the legitimacy of the proposed proctor, and c) evaluating whether the proposed proctoring site meets the Keystone Program's standards.
  • Once a proctoring site has been approved, student(s) can then schedule with the proctor based on the class scheduled exams.

Many proctoring sites offer proctoring for a fee(s) and it is the students responsibility to pay all the fees.

WARNING: Relatives and friends, regardless of their position, are NOT permitted to act as proctors. Private residences, public libraries, churches, and any grade school facilities (elementary, middle, and high school) are NOT considered an appropriate testing environment. 


Here is an example of what an approved proctoring site looks like. These locations have been vetted and used by the Keystone Program. 

Please contact for additional information.