Meet our Flexus and Virtus Programming Board!

Our programming board members collaborate with our program coordinator to help organize and promote events throughout the semester. Together we ensure that these events represent diversity and inclusion while promoting community within our living and learning programs.

Meet Our Board Members!

Chelsea Neumann
Bioengineering Major
Hi! My name is Chelsea and I am a sophomore BIOE student on the Biomedical Instrumentation track. Outside of labs, classes, and studying at AJC, I love hanging out with the friends I have made from Flexus, drawing or painting, and riding my horse.

Ash Louie
Mechanical Engineering Major

Ben Oteri
Mechanical Engineering Major
Hullo! My name is Ben and I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering Major. I have been interested in STEM and robotics since I was a child and have been able to make my dreams a reality ever since I started at UMD. Outside of engineering, I am interested in playing, recording and mixing music; my main instruments are the guitar, bass and mandolin. Additionally, I like Lord of the Rings, The Legend of Zelda and anything and everything to do with The Beatles

Owen Mank
Electrical Engineering Major 

Carolyn Levine
Mechanical Engineering Major 
"Hi, I'm Carolyn Levine (she/her). I'm a mechanical engineering major in Flexus and am interested in automotive safety. I'm heavily involved with our FSAE Terps Racing Internal Combustion team, where we design, build, and compete a race car each year. I'm the technical lead for the Ergonomics, Controls, and Safety subteam and a recruitment and retention chair. Outside of class, I love baking cookies and going on hikes!"


Sidhant Narula
Bioengineering Major 
Hi! My name is Sidhant and I am a sophomore bioengineering major! I am interested in developmental biology and genetics and I am a part of the biomedical engineering society. Outside of classes, I love to hang out with friends, play sports, and listen to music. I also like playing video games such as Mario, Madden, and Fifa.

Abi Nedun 
Aerospace Engineering Major
Hello! I’m Abi and I’m a freshman Aerospace Engineer. Passionate about engine propulsion systems and revolutionizing commercial transportation. Watch Formula 1, Support Ferrari. Love coffee and run my own coffee shop @4140coffee. Excavation team of UMD LOOP.


Josh Stein
Aerospace Engineering Major 
Hey, Im Josh. I’m a freshman Aerospace Engineering major here at UMD. I’m a huge Eagles fan, and am a big fan of Maryland Athletics. Outside of Virtus, I get involved in UMD through UMD Loop, AIAA, and research apart of the Space Systems Lab’s Neutral Buoyancy Facility