Handshake is now the exclusive recruiting system for all University of Maryland engineering students and alumni.  Use your account to post full-time, internship and co-op job opportunities.  And because we share the database with the campus, you may also post positions for all non-engineering majors too.  

Create an account on Handshake OR if you already have an account, connect to the University of Maryland, College Park.  (Please be sure to select University of Maryland College Park since there are multiple UMD campuses.)  Is your organization not on Handshake yet? Create your company profile and then post a job for free, ensuring you are using the Core version of Handshake and not selecting Plus.  If you are creating a new account you will also need to check your email and click on the verification link.  Emails are usually sent immediately but may take up to 10 minutes.

You may choose to receive resumes through Handshake, or you may refer students to your organization’s website.  In addition to posting jobs, you may also request an event or on-campus interview schedule through Handshake.

Additional Tips for Using Handshake:

Most international students are eligible to receive work authorization during their programs of study or upon graduation. This process is much less complicated and time consuming for you than you might think.

For more information on hiring a Visa Holder (F-1) student for an internship during the summer or semester, read our Guide for Hiring Students on F-1 Visas.

  • See a sample offer letter for students requesting CPT work authorization.
  • Employers hiring students eligible for CPT will need to electronically sign an Experience request from Handshake (please check your spam folders for emails directly from Handshake).

For more information on work authorization types for students on F-1 or J-1 visas, please visit the Employer Resources page of the University of Maryland's International Student and Scholar Services.

Campus Interviews

To make the interviewing process efficient and convenient for both students and employers, we offer On-Campus Interviews.  Most employers opt for “pre-select” schedules.  This means that we collect resumes for you in advance of your interview date.  You then choose your top candidates and we set-up the schedule for you.  A full day of 30-minute interviews allows you to see 12 students while 45-minute interviews allows for 8 students.  All schedules can be customized in terms of the number of students you see and the length of interviews.

We also offer "room-only" interview schedules.  In this scenario, the employer sets their own schedule from resumes collected at one of our career fairs or information sessions.  We just provide the room.

You may request an interview date through Handshake (Click “Interviews,” then click “Request Interview Schedule” in the upper right corner of the page) or you may contact Deborah Vidmar, dvidmar@umd.edu, 301-405-8096. 

If you would like to interview non-engineering students, please contact the University Career Center, ucc-employerhelp@umd.edu.

Candidate Evaluation Form

We ask that organizations who conduct campus interviews complete a candidate evaluation for each student.  The form asks for each interviewed candidate's name and major, and allows you to rate each candidate on their knowlede of the company, general preparedness, technical communication, general communication, enthusiasm, attitude, professional appearance, and overall competence.  The interviewer should give candidates an alphabetical rating from A through D for each category.  If a candidate scores lower than a B for any category, please provide constructive comments.  We use your feedback to improve our students' interview performance going forward.


Diversity & Inclusion in Hiring

Systemic discrimination and structural barriers have created an opportunity gap for underrepresented populations.  Research shows that diverse teams help companies innovate, generate better ideas, reach a wider customer base, and are more likely to have higher profits.  It is important to use inclusive language when you create & edit your job postings.  

Here are just a few examples:

"Questioning if you meet the mark? Studies have shown that women and people of color may be less likely to apply unless they match the job description exactly. Here at C.H. Robinson, we're building a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees feel they belong. If this position excites you, we welcome you to apply whether you check all the preferred qualifications or just a few. You may just be our next great fit!"

C.H. Roboinson

"...By being diverse and inclusive, we are also able to produce an engaged team where colleagues can do their best work and grow personally and professionally. Northrop Grumman is committed to achieving and sustaining an inclusive and diverse employee population by fostering a culture of equal opportunity through affirmative action and other proactive measures."

Northrop Grumman

"Diversity and inclusion are critical ingredients for sustaining an engaging working environment. Our enterprise is stronger when we include diverse backgrounds, talents and viewpoints; recognize each other’s unique contributions; and bring our knowledge together across the enterprise to make smart business decisions — truly making our whole more than the sum of our parts. "

W.L. Gore

"It’s important to us that our workforce represents the rich diversity of the patients and communities in which we operate so that we can be at our most innovative and deliver life-changing medicines."

Astra Zeneca

Diversity & Inclusion at Work

Contact Information

Deborah Vidmar
Assistant Director for Employer Relations