The Engineering Career Services Office has transitioned to a new recruiting platform as of July 1, 2023.  It is called Handshake and it has replaced Careers4Engineers (C4E) and Careers4Terps (C4T).  Handshake is your new job, internship, and career events database. 

We first alerted current students about this change in the spring of 2023 via email and directly on the platform in the form of announcements.  Hopefully,  you saved any presonal documents from Careers4Engineers (resume, cover letters, etc.) to a personal drive or device.  You can now upload them to your Handshake profile.  Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer documents into Handshake for you.


Clark School students have access to one convenient 24-hour online portal for accessing relevant engineering employment opportunities, from your first internship to your first full-time job after graduation. Through Handshake, you can upload your resume, research companies, apply to jobs, and sign-up for on-campus interviews, or track where your resume has been sent.  Please note that Handshake works best on the Chrome browser.

Employers interested in posting jobs for UMD Engineers should click here.

Before you start applying for jobs in Handshake, we strongly encourage you to have your resume reviewed by the Engineering Career Services Office. 

To have your resume reviewed you may:

  1. Stop by our office.  No appointment is necessary. Drop-in hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.
  2. Schedule an appointment via Handshake.  Select the “Career Center” tab on the left panel and select “Appointments”. Click “Schedule A New Appointment” and follow the prompts to select the type of appointment, date, and staff member you’d like to meet.

We recommend that you first attend both the Resume Writing, and Find an Internship/Co-op (or Job Search Tips for International Students) workshops

If you cannot attend a workshop, be sure to review the information on our website relating to: 

Note:  New freshmen, transfer and graduate engineering students will have access to Hanshake on the first day of classes.

Upload your resume to your profile. Use our Resume Writing tips. You can pre-fill your
profile with your resume. If you want to do this, don’t answer the initial questions that pop up when you log in. Be sure to log in periodically to update your contact information, GPA, class standing, etc.  

-Please note: Engineering Career Services will review the first resume you upload to Handshake and make suggested
changes through the system. You will only be able to submit one resume for review through Handshake. However, you are
always welcome to visit us for drop-in resume reviews, schedule a resume review appointment through Handshake, or email your resume for feedback to Learn more about how resume reviews work on Handshake.

Review your profile and edit/add information as needed. We HIGHLY encourage you to do the following to increase your
candidacy for internship/co-op/job applications:
- Add your Graduation Date. Adding your graduation date will qualify you for roles that have academic year requirements.
- Make your profile public, at least to employers. The employer option ensures employers connected to UMD are able to
view your profile information so that they can find you for their top positions. With this option, it is not visible to other
students or anyone not connected with UMD. You can have a public profile and keep some information private.

Check your notification settings. Click your initials at top of page and “Notification Preferences” to select system alerts for:
- Events, Interview Schedules, Jobs, Career Fairs, Documents, Messages, Experiences, Appointments, & Applications.
- Please note: if you turn off email notifications, be sure to check your Handshake notifications (bell at top of page).

Finally, download the Handshake App to get notifications and reminders about jobs, interviews, and events.

  • By using Handshake, you are giving Engineering Career Services consent to release your resume and registration data to employers. 
  • The information you provide in your profile (GPA, citizenship status, major, degree, class standing, etc.) MUST be current and accurate to the best of your knowledge. If you are dishonest in your personal or academic information, your Handshake account will be blocked, and we reserve the right to report you to the University of Maryland's Office of Student Conduct for a possible violation of the Code of Student Conduct and/or the Code of Academic Integrity.
  • See our Student Policies page for additional guidelines related to using Handhsake, missing campus interviews, and job offer acceptance.
HANDSHAKE STUDENT/ALUM LOGIN Get Started on Handshake Handout

External Job Boards (non-UMD)

In addition to UMD's Handshake database, expand your search by looking at some of these websites that can help you find internships, co-ops, or full-time positions. Try using GoinGlobal to search for region-specific or international opportunities (see our GoinGlobal handout).  Some sites have actual job listings while others offer general information to help you conduct a more effective job search.   

Please note that our Campus Jobs page provides tips and links for finding part-time hourly work on campus. You should refrain from simply visiting offices to ask for a job.

Top Picks:

Also Suggested:

Additional Sites:

General Engineering & Technical Disciplines

Aerospace Engineering


Chemical Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering


Computer and Electrical Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Sustainability & Green Jobs


BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)

LGBTQ Students

Students with Disabilities



The Clark School Office of International & Leadership Programs website includes a search for credit-bearing study abroad opportunities that include internships, research or volunteer components.

If you plan to participate in an internship, research or volunteer program abroad that is not administered or sponsored by the University of Maryland, please review the Health and Safety Information from the Office of International Affairs.

You can find more opportunities on GlobalMaryland (make sure to check off the "programs with internships" box).


GoinGlobal (you must be logged in to Careers4Engineers or Careers4Terps to gain access) is a comprehensive guide to finding an internship or job at home or abroad. In addition to being an external job board, GoinGlobal offers country and city guides that provide detailed information about what you need to know about working in that city or country, including pertinent cultural information, COVID-19 information, resume and cover letter information, and LGBTQ+ information. You can use GoinGlobal whether you are searching for an internship or job here in Washington, D.C., or whether you want to go global.  See our GoinGlobal handout for more tips.
Though anyone can use GoinGlobal, ECS highly recommends it for:
  • international students who want to seek job and internship opportunities in the United States and their home countries.
  • students planning to move to an unfamiliar city in the United States.
  • any student seeking a virtual internship or job due to COVID-19. 
  • students enrolled in the Global Engineering Leadership minor or any foreign language program.
  • students that are seeking employers that recruit individuals with H1B Visas. 
  • graduate students and experienced professionals.
European citizens should pay special attention to the Europass feature of GoinGlobal. The Europass is a European Union initiative that increases the transparency of qualification and mobility of citizens in Europe. Information pertaining to the Europass can be found with any European country and Global City Career Guide under the “Getting the Job” tab.  
International students seeking resources on H1B employment should pay special attention to H1B Plus, GoinGlobal’s job board specifically for H1B employers. H1B Plus (Job Board for GoinGlobal's custom-designed H-1B Plus database) provides U.S. Department of Labor records for more than two million companies that have applied for H-1B visas from 2009 to-date. You can search for records by industry, occupation, job title, company name, job location, fiscal year, or wage. Information is updated quarterly as new Department of Labor visa application records are released.

International Organizations

Costs and Funding

In the U.S., technical internships and co-op positions in industry are often paid, but outside the U.S., engineering students generally are not paid to work as interns. If you are not a citizen of your intended host country, you will also need to consider the cost and feasibility of obtaining a work permit. Program providers that help students find internships abroad usually charge significant fees for internship placement, assistance with housing and visa applications, and on-site assistance. It is worth applying for scholarships and fellowships. Start looking at opportunities 1-2 years before you want to pursue the study or research opportunity.

National Scholarships Office at UMD provides information and advising on prestigious scholarships and fellowships for research or graduate study in the U.S. or abroad.
Bright Futures Scholarship is sponsored by the University Career Center to provide funding for unpaid internships with non-profit organizations or government agency in the U.S. and abroad.
Work, Intern, Volunteer and Research Abroad: Funding Resources for Students is a comprehensive list of scholarships and awards for students seeking experiential learning programs abroad, compiled by NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

American Councils Business, Technology, and Innovation Scholarship is available to U.S. students in STEM fields looking to intern in Russia on an American Councils program.