Congratulations on your admission to the A. James Clark School of Engineering! We are pleased to welcome you to our program and look forward to working with you throughout your Orientation Program. Your new life as a Terp begins this fall! The Clark School of Engineering and Office of Student Orientation and Transition are here to help ease your transition while providing you with the information and resources you need to succeed.  External transfer students can learn more about transfer orientation at:

Your engineering orientation experience will provide you with the building blocks and tools necessary to succeed at Maryland. 

The Orientation Process includes the following components:  

1.    Success at UMD: ENGR Freshmen Canvas Page
2.    Meet Your College Session 
3.    Registration Session

New Student Orientation is mandatory for all newly admitted students.  Any student who is not able to attend a scheduled orientation session must wait until August 17th to register for classes.  Email for more information about registering if you cannot attend a schedule orientation program. 

Important information is shared regularly through TERPmail, so make sure to check it on a regular basis.

Prior to your orientation date the following items should be completed:

Incoming freshmen will need to complete the Math Placement Exam (MPE) prior to their orientation date. 

ALL incoming freshmen are REQUIRED to take the Math Placement Exam, regardless of any AP/IB/Transfer Credit that you may be bringing in.  Advisors use the test as a tool to determine what level math course a student should take based on their knowledge of the subject.  

Click here to take the Math Placement Test today!  We strongly encourage student to complete the Math Placement Exam once they confirm admission to the Clark School. To learn more about the Math Placement Exam and take a sample test visit: 

Reach out to with questions regarding the exam.

You must complete the required modules and quizzes before your Orientation date. You can access all of your required Modules on the "Success at UMD:  ENGR Freshmen Orientation" Canvas page sent to you by Engineering Academic Services.

If you are not sure how to navigate CANVAS you can visit the CANVAS Details Page.

Day 1:  Meet Your College

On Day 1 between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM students will learn more about the Clark School of Engineering and available resources.  

Day 2:  Registration Session

On Day 2 between 9:30 AM and 12:00 PM students will work with their departmental advisors to register for fall courses.

I did not complete the Math Placement Exam (MPE). Can I still attend orientation?
Students are required to complete the math placement exam in order to register for engineering courses. Students who are missing the MPE will still be able to attend orientation but will only be able to register for General Education classes. Please be sure to complete the MPE at your earliest convenience so that you are well-prepared for orientation.

I placed into MATH 003, MATH015 or MATH115. Will I still be able to register for classes at orientation?
Students who place into MATH 003, MATH015 or MATH115 are still able to register for classes. However, because the chemistry and engineering courses require MATH140 as a co-requisite, students will not be able to register for engineering courses. Rather, students will register for General Education courses. Please note: Students may retake the MPE one time after their first attempt. If you have questions, please contact

When will I get to register for classes?
All students will be able to register for classes on Day 2 of their Orientation Program.  

I would like to change the major I indicated on my application to UMD. Can I do that?
Students can change their major at any time prior/during the orientation process by filling out the following form: Major Change Form for Newly Admitted Students Form. This also applies to Undecided Engineering students who wish to declare their major.