Fire protection engineering students can study abroad spring semester of their junior year through several of our exchange partners or through direct-enroll options. 

You can view study abroad courses that have been evaluated previously by visiting our International Course Database

Junior Spring

**Students must complete ENFP312 or equivalent (ENME332 with approval) during their term abroad or before. ENFP310 will be completed upon return and ENFP410 will move to the final fall term.**

SPRING 2022: Only Lund University is available

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**Note: Quarter system

  1. ENME332: Transfer Processes (MMV031 or MMVF05) *This is a must during the term abroad. Replaces ENFP312 with departmental approval.
  2. MATH4XX - Numerous options available
  3. Up to 2 technical electives
    1. ENFP 413: Advanced Life Safety Analysis (VBRN10)
    2. Risk Assessment (VBRN45 *only for quarter 4)
    3. Other options available
  4. ENGL393: Technical Writing (UMD online course)
  5. General education courses (not I-Series or DSSP) 

Winter, Spring Break, and Summer Short-Term Programs for Fire Protection Engineering Students