The Keystone Center is located in room 1116 of the J.M. Patterson Building (overflow in JMP 1215).

The Keystone Center is a place where you can go to work on homework or group projects, use the computer labs, or study for exams. It will be staffed with upper-level undergraduate and graduate students who can provide you with assistance in answering questions in fundamental engineering and STEM courses. 

For ENES 100, 102, 220, 221 and 232 and BIOE 120, Undergraduate Teaching Fellows are available during the following times. Please refer to your ENES/BIOE course syllabus for specifics.

Hours of Operation

In order to help de-densify campus and reduce unnecessary physical interactions, Keystone Tutoring will be held through Zoom for the fall 2020 semester.  Please see your ENES course syllabi for details about these support services, and below for CHEM135 and MATH courses.

Keystone Tutoring Program

Tutoring is available during the fall and spring semesters for CHEM135, MATH140, MATH141, MATH241, and MATH246. For Fall 2020, all tutoring will be held virtually, beginning September 13th.

In order to ensure a tutor will be available to assist you in the course you need help in, be sure to check the course syllabi. To receive the best support possible, please have your course textbook with you. You can also receive support in your Physics classes throughout the semester at the Slawsky Clinic and in your math classes through the Department of Mathematics Undergraduate Tutoring program or the Math Success Program.

Other campus-wide tutoring is listed at www.tutoring.umd.edu

Clark School of Engineering departmental services are listed at eng.umd.edu/tutoring-resources

Fall 2020 Tutoring

During the University's hybrid class instruction, our tutors will be available virtually at their normally scheduled office hours.  If requested by a student, and if the tutor is comfortable doing so, tutoring can be arranged through video conferencing via Google Hangout video, Zoom, or Webex

In tutor video conferencing, students and tutors should do the following:
  • Dress and act appropriately during the meeting.
  • Use your official name on the screen. 
  • Remove any inappropriate or potentially offensive artwork, pictures, etc., from your background.
  • Please attempt to maintain privacy during these meeting times through the use of headphones or private rooms. In other words, try not to be in a location where your conversation can be heard by others or that is distracting to the others or tutor.
  • Allow a reasonable amount of time for the tutor to answer your emails. If they do not answer within 24 hours, please contact keystone@umd.edu
  • If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the person or the conversation during a virtual meeting, inform the them you are discontinuing the session then shut off the video. Inform Dr. Nicole Roop (nroop@umd.edu) immediately of these situations.