Noah Wigglesworth

Class of 2026
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Hometown:  Stevensville, Maryland
High School: Kent Island High School
student poses with arms bracing themselves in a black University of Maryland tshirt
What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
I always was the kid that wanted to go as far away from home for college! But after researching, learning about, and visiting the best engineering schools in the US and applying to over 10, it was easy to decide that Maryland was the best choice for me. The aerospace program is top-notch and I couldn't be happier with the community and opportunities at the Clark School.
Best Experience with a Class or Project
My experience in ENES/BMGT 190H, the first course in the QUEST Honors Program, has been a one-of-a-kind experience so far. This semester, my team is composed of students from the business, CS, and engineering schools, and we are working to create a software that will address the UN's World Sustainable Development Goals on Maryland's campus. The students in QUEST are incredible and I'm excited to continue to continue to work with my cohort and grow my interdisciplinary and professional skills.
Favorite Class In Major
ENAE 283: Introduction to Aerospace Systems
Favorite Class Out of Major
HNUH 228U: A Life Worth Living: The Legacy of Eugenics in Genetics
Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities
THEIA Nanosatellite Project
Space Systems Lab Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility 
QUEST Honors Program (Q41) & QRecruiting
University Honors LLP
Club Sailing
Favorite On-Campus Event
SEE Homecoming Show
Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences
I really enjoyed my ENAE 100 research project. In my first semester, I got the chance to work with UMD's Balloon Payload Program to build and test a scientific payload to launch on one of their balloon launches. On an early and cold December morning, my team headed out to the launch site and set our payload off on its journey to 100,000 ft. We collected meaningful data and even got to present our results, winning an award.    
Cool Engineering Experience
Working on the THEIA Nanosatellite Project has been an incredible experience. I have learned countless technical skills, networked with professional engineers, and presented at design reviews. And, I get to participate in the design of a satellite that will eventually launch into orbit!
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