TERP engineers power the world

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Find a job right outside our doors.

The University of Maryland is a short metro ride away from Washington, D.C.’s federal agencies and offices of leading corporations, and seven miles from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. You don’t need to look anywhere else — all of the jobs and internships are right here.

Career Services

Don't cram. Design.

Our students complete a hands-on engineering project in their first year. You might build and test your own hovercraft or a vehicle to survey a remote island where aircraft debris has washed ashore.

Keystone Program

Make a breakthrough.

Or work toward it. Students play a crucial role in the development of Clark School innovations and participate in cutting-edge research with our award-winning faculty.

Research Opportunities

Travel. Discover. Start your business.

At the Clark School, you can volunteer to build a rainwater collection system in Sierra Leone, spend a semester at a foreign university, or start your first company.

Programs & Services

Roam these halls.

If almost 200 state-of-the-art laboratories, centers, major projects, and consortia aren’t enough, you’ll be happy to learn that we are building some new ones at this very moment.


Compete and win.

Our students participate in dozens of teams from UMD Loop to Solar Decathlon to Terps Racing. They regularly attend national and international competitions and almost as regularly come back with prizes.

Student Competitions

Let us support you.

From the Women in Engineering Program and the Center for Minorities in Science & Engineering to our Office of Undergraduate Advising & Academic Support, we are supportive, inclusive, and interested in helping our students succeed.

Student Affairs & Academic Success Programs

Go to town.

There’s tons to do on campus. Cheer your face off at our sporting events (Fear the Turtle!), attend music and art gatherings, or go to the theater. You can also explore hot spots in Washington, D.C., visit the Chesapeake Bay to try steamed crabs, or hike the Civil War trails. Live like a Marylander. Become a Terp.


*Offered at the Universities at Shady Grove.