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Graduates of the Clark School are a global community forging strong personal and professional relationships and making a lasting impact. In other words, we’re Terps. 

Clark School Alumni Engagement

Get involved, explore exclusive alumni services, and connect with 45,000 of your fellow Clark School alumni. Whether you’re looking to partner, volunteer, lead, or give back as a lifelong Terp you’ll always have access to resources such as on-campus and online events, lifelong learning programs, career counseling, or even partnership opportunities for your startup. We’re here for your success.

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Find out how you can help us grow our reputation as a global engineering powerhouse today…and for generations to come.

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As a graduate of the Clark School and a lifelong Terp, you’re part of a global network of engineering leaders. Show and share your leadership by joining the Engineering Alumni Network. 

As a graduate of the Clark School of Engineering, you know what the School means to you. Make sure others do, too. Give today to continue the Clark School legacy of excellence in producing engineering innovations and innovators who are truly changing the world. Your gifts fund a number of Clark School initiatives, including programming, facilities improvements, and a wide range of amazing student activities. Help share your success by making a gift today. 

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Is your company looking to tap into the next generation of engineering talent, learn more about the latest engineering innovations, or collaborate with some of the world’s best engineers? The Clark School offers numerous opportunities for companies and organizations who want to grow, innovate, and prosper. We work with alumni to promote job postings, on-campus interviews, career fairs, information sessions, student society partnerships, recruiter-in-residence opportunities, student media advertisements and more. We want to work with you. 

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Proud of being a Clark School alumnus? Donating your time and expertise is a great way to spread the word about the Clark School’s educational excellence and groundbreaking research. By participating in Clark School outreach events in a volunteer capacity, you’ll strengthen connections within the existing Engineering Alumni Network and help build our reputation as a global engineering powerhouse.

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As a Clark School graduate, we know you’re a leader. By joining the leadership team of the Engineering Alumni Network you can help share your leadership skills, leverage your professional experience, and put your connections to work helping the Clark School and your fellow alumni move toward a brighter future. Want to learn more? Click on the link below to view the current Board of Directors of the Engineering Alumni Network, review the network’s strategic plan, browse the by-laws, and more. 

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When you graduate from the Clark School, you’re not just a Terp for life, you’re also a lifelong member in our extended global alumni network. See what services are available to you, your fellow alumni, and current students. 

We Grow When You Grow

Helping one Clark School graduate helps all Clark School graduates. After all, when the Engineering Alumni Network grows and prospers, everyone in the network benefits. That’s why we offer an array of alumni services designed to draw on network support in order to help alumni like you.

Join the University of Maryland Alumni Network today, and see for yourself what a membership can do for you.

Engineering is all about innovation. Staying on top of new developments is essential if you want to succeed. Our lifelong learning programs help keep you informed, so you can be ahead of the curve in your career, and even expand your horizons to new areas of expertise. As an alumnus of the Clark School, you have free access to our world-class faculty and cutting-edge research through an ever-growing selection of on-demand lectures, webinars, and online classes. Check us out and get the knowledge you need to succeed.

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Clark School alumni can connect with the University of Maryland Office of the Registrar to order transcripts, replacement diplomas and enrollment verifications, update contact information, or request information from past course catalogs. Show off your accomplishments as a Clark School graduate, and prepare for your next opportunity. We’re here to help.

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The Engineering Alumni Network offers funding for current student activities, programs, and events. It’s just one more way our amazing alumni support the Clark School community. If you know of current students who may be interested in grant opportunities for a program, have them submit an online request.

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The memories and relationships you form as a student at Clark School don’t have to end when you graduate. Reconnect with old friends or reach out and make some new ones by attending an alumni event.

Catch Up With Your Clark School Family

With a global network of nearly 40,000 graduates, you can be sure that Clark School alumni are always up to something amazing. If you want to find out what they’re up to—or want to share what amazing things you’re doing—you need to update your contact information today. 

And be sure to stay up-to-date with your fellow alumni by subscribing to the Engineering Alumni Network monthly e-newsletter and attending alumni events, and connecting with the Engineering Alumni Network on social media:

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