What's the Difference Between an Information Session, Lobby Table, and Technical Talk?

Information sessions generally last 60-90 minutes and are most often held in the early evening.  Employers present on topics such as career paths, company culture, products/services, and how to apply for a job or internship.  At the end of the session there is a chance to ask questions and often employers will accept resumes.  Casual (but not sloppy) dress is fine if the session is held in School of Engineering or CMSC.  The Business School may require professional attire so it’s best to check ahead of time.

Tech talks are similar to information sessions; however the presenter will speak on a specific technical topic first and then may cover career opportunities and the application process for internships and jobs.

Pop-ups are employer-hosted information tables located in the lobby of one of the engineering buildings, and are typically held in the middle of the day. Employers share information about their company and students stop by with their resumes to discuss potential employment opportunities.  It is a short interaction, similar to a career fair and can often be done in between classes.  Casual clothing is fine.

Why Attend?

These events provide students with an opportunity to speak with company representatives individually, or in small groups.  This is a great way to start building your professional network.  Also, it is a chance to learn important information about the company so that you can decide if they are a good fit for you.  And of course it is a great way to learn valuable tips for your interview.  Employers often track and view your attendance as an indication of your level of interest in their company and they will take it into account when selecting interviewees.  If an employer is holding campus interviews, they may use these events to add more candidates to their interview schedules.

Where Can You Learn About Upcoming Events?

  • Search under Information Sessions within Events on the Handshake database.
  • The Career Engineer weekly newsletter contains details about upcoming Recruiter in Residence events.
  • Look on the Engineering Career Services website under the Events section.
  • Individualized e-mails blasts are sent to qualified students (based on the Employers' event requirements).

Should I Bring my Resume?

When interacting with employers, it is always a good practice to have an updated copy of your resume available.  They may not accept them but it can never hurt to offer it.

Resume critiques are available in the Engineering Career Services Office on a walk-in basis, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

If you are an employer/recruiter looking to host an information session, technical talk, or other  recruiting event at the University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering, please direct your requests to Deborah Vidmar, dvidmar@umd.edu