Meet Our 2022 Recipient

Nelpe Wachsman, Program Manager, Keystone Program

Nelpe has worked with the Keystone Program since 2012, and she has regularly exemplified all the traits necessary for this award. She has demonstrated leadership in and commitment to her department, the Clark School, and university, playing key roles in piloting the Computer Based Testing Facility and managing the operational aspects of the RISE Leadership program. She is truly an asset to the A. James Clark School, and who are fortunate to work with her and to benefit from her ideas and experience.


Nelpe Wachsman

Past Recipients

  • 2021: Pam Lloyd, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • 2020: Erin ChenAssociate Director, Research Administration, Mechanical Engineering
  • 2019: Rebecca Kenemuth, Assistant Director, Women in Engineering Program
  • 2018: Terry Island, Associate Director, Office of Undergraduate Advising & Academic Support
  • 2017: Jenna Bucci, Director, Office of Undergraduate Advising & Academic Support
  • 2016: Kerri Poppler, Associate Director for Graduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering
  • 2015: Nicole Hollywood, Assistant Director, Fire Protection Engineering
  • 2014: Bryan Quinn, Director, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 2013: Tracy Chung, Director of Academic and Student Affairs, Fischell Department of Bioengineering
  • 2012: Heidi Sauber, Engineering Co-Op and Career Services
  • 2011: Kathy Lopresti, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
  • 2010: Sharon Hodgson, Fire Protection Engineering
  • 2009: Teresa Moore, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 2008: Debra Densmore, Engineering Co-op and Career Services Office
  • 2007: George Syrmos, Office of Advanced Engineering Education
  • 2006: Eric Schurr, Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute
  • 2005: Kathleen Hart, Materials Science and Engineering
  • 2004: Al Santos, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • 2003: Janet Murphy, Engineering Dean's Office
  • 2002: Daniel Carafelli, Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute
  • 2001: Naji Hammad, Engineering Copy Center
  • 2000: Nancy Swader, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 1999: Bryan Hill, Aerospace Engineering
  • 1998: Victoria Daul, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • 1997: Rebecca Sarni, Aerospace Engineering
  • 1996: Terry Chase, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • 1995: Patricia Baker, Mechanical Engineering
  • 1994: Terry Clark, Aerospace Engineering
  • 1993: Maureen Meyer, Aerospace Engineering