As an undecided engineering student, you will be advised by an Engineering Academic Services staff member.  You may choose to be advised during our walk-in advising hours; you also have the option of making an appointment.  Appointments are on a first come, first served basis.  Should you miss an appointment, or need to reschedule, you will only be allowed to do so once.  If you miss a second appointment, you will only be seen during walk-in advising times.  We highly recommend you receive advising at least two weeks prior to your registration appointment. 

To check  your registration time, log into Testudo and select "Appointment and Registration Status."

What to do Prior to a Mandatory Advising Appointment:

  • Review Four-Year Plans for potential majors 
  • Bring a list of General Education courses you are interested in taking as well as your general education packet. You may also print out the checklist online.
  • Review engineering, science, and math classes you need to for your desired majors and check the pre-requisites using the Schedule of Classes.
  • Review your degree audit or run a what-if-audit on uAchieve to evaluate your academic progress toward graduation.
  • Bring any questions you have about registration policies and procedures