The Engineering Career Services Office assists all engineering students and employers with finding or filling internships, co-op jobs, and entry-level positions.  Both students and employers can take advantage of online job listings, on-campus interviews, resume books, information sessions, career fairs, and much more.

We are committed to empowering all engineering students to pursue their professional goals by exploring career paths, developing effective job search skills, and building a professional network.  We establish relationships with employers to identify engineering talent, build a recruiting strategy, and develop a strong campus presence. 

Our Location*

1131 Glenn L. Martin Hall (#088)
4298 Campus Drive
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Mon - Fri
Phone: 301-405-3863 (On-campus ext: x5-3863)
Fax: 301-314-9867

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Our Staff                                     

Veronica Perrigan

Veronica Perrigan
(301) 405-3862 |

Veronica has a passion for empowering college students in identifying employment opportunities and meaningful careers. As ECS Director, she wants to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for students of all backgrounds to explore their career options, and pursue employment that is congruent with who they are and how they identify. In her free time, Veronica enjoys scuba diving, strength training, travel, volunteer work, and her rescue dog.   

Deb Vidmar Deborah Vidmar

(301) 405-8096 |

Deborah has a particular interest in ensuring students have equal access to jobs & recruiting events, and that hiring entities follow ethical recruiting practices. She is passionate about increasing the number of women and minorities in engineering, and helping those same students negotiate competitive, fair starting salaries. 

Also, you can talk to her about cats… anytime, because cats are hilarious and she is a self-declared “crazy cat lady!”

Brianne Gridley headshot Brianne Gridley

(301) 405-0472 |

Originally from Pennsylvania, Brianne found her passion for helping college students while working for her alma mater Penn State and seeing first hand the challenges and complexities that students face
today. She has a particular interest in first-generation and underrepresented student groups and aiding them in developing tools for success as well as creating welcoming and diverse environments for students. Outside of work, Brianne enjoys travel, hiking, crocheting, reading and spending time with her
husband and pets. 

Lizzy Solovey
(301) 405-3864 |

As a Russian, Jewish immigrant and UMD alumnus, Lizzy knows there’s a lot to navigate in college and career. Prior to career advising, Lizzy taught high school English. Topics near to her heart are LGBTQA+ pride and anti-racism education. She hopes you talk with her about career, as well as cats, books, and travel, if you’d like. 

Ron Mentzer headshot

Ron Mentzer
Employer Relations Coordinator
(301) 405-3732 |

As a Terp alumni, Ron joined Engineering Career Services after working several years in Dining Services. Ron serves as a member of the University Senate Staff Affairs Committee and volunteers as an advisor in the Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct. He believes diversity is what creates an exciting and welcoming space both in education and the workplace. In his free time, Ron enjoys hiking and traveling to new places, going to concerts, and spending time with friends, family, and his cat. 


Alexis Herbert
Program Management Specialist
(301) 405-3863 |

As a Caribbean descendant and Howard University Alumna, Alexis values the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She is passionate about helping underrepresented communities and is committed to the advancement of their personal and professional development. In her free time, Alexis likes to travel, go to hot yoga, try new restaurants, and spend time with family and friends. 

Heidi Sauber
When Heidi began working in the Engineering Career Services Office over 35 years ago, it was an office of 1 and the internet was still in its infancy.  She collected hard copy resumes from students and sent them to employers via the US mail.  Employers sent in hard copy brochures for students to read in a company literature library.  The office has grown to a staff of 7 and of course everything is now online.  Heidi retired in July of 2022 but continues to work part-time for the office she loves.  Although not a Terp herself, (she attended one of those "other" UM schools in the midwest), all 3 of her daughters went to UMD and she now considers herself more of a Terp than a Wolverine.

Meet our Peer Assistants

*Every community owes its existence and strength to the generations before them, around the world, who contributed their hopes, dreams, and energy into making the history that led to this moment. Truth and acknowledgement are critical in building mutual respect and connections across all barriers of heritage and difference. So, we acknowledge the truth that is often buried: We are on the ancestral lands of the Piscataway People, who are the ancestral stewards of this sacred land. It is their historical responsibility to advocate for the four-legged, the winged, those that crawl and those that swim. They remind us that clean air and pristine waterways are essential to all life. This Land Acknowledgement is a vocal reminder for each of us as two-leggeds to ensure our physical environment is in better condition than what we inherited, for the health and prosperity of future generations.