Courses in Global Leadership

ENES472 - International Business Cultures in Engineering and Technology (DVCC)

In a globalized world,­ the ability to work, manage and communicate in culturally diverse settings has become a key prerequisite for graduates. Offered during Summer (online), Fall (online), Winter, and Spring!

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ENES317 - Introduction to Engineering Leadership (DSSP)

Using examples from media, research, industry, and most importantly your own experiences you will develop a well-rounded understanding of leadership approaches for use in your own leadership roles. Offered online during Summer, Fall, and Spring!

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ENES424 - Engineering Leadership Capstone

As the final academic experience in the Minor in Global Engineering Leadership, this capstone course is designed to be both retrospective and integrative, encouraging you to synthesize relevant concepts and experiences and to formulate your own informed perspective on the implications of leadership. Offered online Fall 2020!

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