Keystone Program | A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

The Keystone Program encourages the school's best faculty members to teach our most fundamental courses. Faculty members are selected from throughout the school, given renewable three-year appointments with a base salary increase and discretionary funds to support their activities, and are assisted by additional support personnel. Courses are closely reviewed to achieve academic excellence and high student interest. Funding has been contributed to launch the program; substantial new resources are needed to expand it to all freshman and sophomore courses.


Our Mission

  • Provide freshman and sophomore engineering students with a foundation upon which to build successful careers in engineering
  • Provide engineering students with the support necessary to succeed in a demanding engineering program
  • Enable the best faculty to teach the most fundamental engineering courses
  • Revive the infrastructure of freshman and sophomore engineering courses with a focus on engineering design
  • Assume the leadership role of the Engineering Sciences (ENES)

Contact Information

4356 Stadium Drive                                                                  Phone
2108 J.M. Patterson Building                                                301-405-6845                     
Building #083                                                                              x5-6845 (on-campus)                        
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