Kevin C. Greenaugh Award

Announcing the Kevin C. Greenaugh AwardKGA

A prominent nuclear engineer who helped shape U.S. science and technology policy through a senior leadership role at the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Kevin C. Greenaugh Ph.D. ’98  most recently as Chief Science and Technology Officer, Defense Programs. His work ensured our country’s national security through several programs for which he made significant contributions, including nuclear deterrence and counter-terrorism.  

Dr. Greenaugh also made history as the first Black doctoral graduate in nuclear engineering at the A. James Clark School of Engineering. By breaking that barrier, he set an example that decades of future engineers have followed.

In recognition of Dr. Greenaugh’s groundbreaking achievements, his remarkable 35-year career in federal service, and his many technical contributions which demonstrate engineering’s powerful potential for good, the A. James Clark School of Engineering is honored to announce the Kevin C. Greenaugh Award.

Starting in 2024, this prestigious award will be presented to an individual for their professional excellence at the intersection of strategic leadership, technical contributions, and their lasting impact on the prosperity of our nation and/or the State of Maryland.

Consideration will be given to individuals who demonstrate both: 

  • Leadership and Professional Achievements particularly in federal or state agencies, public service organizations or other initiatives that address societal grand challenges.
  • Technical Impact on addressing critical national priorities, economic advancement, or innovations that position the United States as the global leader. 


Nominate or Apply
  • Demonstrated excellence in technical contributions, leadership, and service for a minimum of 15 years in their career field.
  • Awardee must be able attend the Celebration of Philanthropy, Leadership and Service on November 7, 2024.
  • Nominees cannot be currently running for elected state or federal public office.

University of Maryland College Park alumni and those with ties to the State of Maryland and/or the National Capital area are encouraged to apply.

Nomination packages will be reviewed by a committee of Clark School faculty, staff, and alumni leaders.  A selected awardee (or slate of finalists) will be presented to the Dean of Engineering for his final approval.