Meet Our 2017 Recipient

Deborah S. Goldberg
Lecturer, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Recognized for her achievements in course innovation, advising,  and outreach and for her esprit de corps, Dr. Goldberg's contributions have had great impact. Her commitment to undergraduate education has been demonstrated by, among other things, the creation of a peer mentoring program to help students succeed and increase their sense of belonging, as well as to provide upper-class students with leadership experience. 

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Deborah Goldberg

Past Recipients

  • 2016: Ray Sedwick, Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering
  • 2015: Kevin Calabro, Senior Lecturer and Associate Director, Keystone Program
  • 2014: Romel Del Rosario Gomez, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 2013: Peter Kofinas, Associate Dean and Professor
  • 2012: K. J. Ray Liu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 2011: Dimitrios Goulias, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • 2010: Norman Wereley, Aerospace Engineering
  • 2009: Alison Flatau, Aerospace Engineering
  • 2008: Richard McCuen, Civil and Environmental Engineering  
  • 2007: Nam Sun Wang, Biomolecular Engineering
  • 2006: James Milke, Fire Protection Engineering
  • 2005: Deborah J. Goodings, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • 2004: William Fourney, Aerospace Engineering
  • 2003: Linda Schmidt, Mechanical Engineering
  • 2002: David Holloway,  Mechanical Engineering
  • 2001: Jose Torero, Fire Protection Engineering
  • 2000: Andre L. Tits, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 1999: Chung Y. Tsui, Mechanical Engineering
  • 1998: Theodore G. Smith, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • 1997: William L. Fourney, Aerospace Engineering
  • 1996: David I. Bigio, Mechanical Engineering