Sarah Bergbreiter, (2012) Mechanical Engineering (ME), Institute for Systems Research (ISR)
Recognized for her research on engineering robotic systems at sub-millimeter size scales.

Don DeVoe, (2000) Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Recognized for developing a novel approach to fabricate six-degree-of-freedom micromechanisms, and for innovative educational activities that nurture capable MEMS researchers of the future.

Anya Jones, (2013) Aerospace Engineering
Recognized for her outstanding contributions to foundational research in aerodynamics, and for her dedicated community service through which she inspires young people from underrepresented groups to seek careers in science and engineering.

Andre Marshall, (2007) Aerospace Engineering and Fire Protection Engineering
Recognized for his research titled "Exploring jet fragmentation and atomization for combustion and fire suppression systems."

Derek Paley, (2012) Aerospace Engineering (AE), Institute for Systems Research (ISR)
Recognized for his research in the area of dynamics and control, including cooperative control of autonomous vehicles, adaptive sampling with mobile networks, and spatial modeling of biological groups.

Elisabeth Smela, (2003) Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Recognized for her research to develop a new type of microscopic artificial muscle, or autonomous actuator, technology.

Edo Waks, (2009) Electrical and Computer Engineering
Recognized for work in nanophotonics.

Bruce Yu, Fischell Department of Bioengineering and UMD School of Pharmacy
Recognized for work with force-sensitive nanofiber networks.