As a graduate student at the Clark School, you'll find an outstanding faculty, a friendly environment, close proximity to the cultural amenities of Washington, D.C., state-of-the-art laboratories and computing resources, and excellent assistance in and opportunities for employment.

The school offers both full-time master and doctoral programs and programs for working professionals.

You may also take advantage of the broad range of student services offered by the University of Maryland and the Clark School that cover many aspects of the student experience.

A special opportunity for doctoral students is the Clark School’s Future Faculty Program, which trains students for teaching positions at leading engineering schools.

Commencement Ceremony

Are you about to complete your degree? Visit the Commencement Ceremony page for all the times, dates, procedures and guest information you need.

Student Societies

The Clark School supports more than 30 active student societies, such as the Engineering Student Council, departmental honor and professional societies and special interest organizations.

Academic Policies

What are the Clark School's goals and ethics? Learn about our academic policies, to which all students are expected to adhere.


As graduate student, your main source for advising is your department or program:

Graduate Student Resources Page

Find a digest of resources applicable to engineering graduate students at this Google site.

Parental Accommodation for Graduate Students

It is the policy of the Graduate School that all graduate assistants have the right to a 6-week paid absence for the birth or adoption of a child:

“Graduate Assistants will be provided a guaranteed parental accommodation of six weeks, retaining their full stipends and benefits during the accommodation”

To request this accommodation, fill in the The Graduate School Parental Accommodation Form at least 8 weeks prior to taking the leave.  Have the form signed by your advisor, your department’s Director of Graduate Studies, and the department Chair.  You will need to attach a brief statement from your medical service provider or adoption agency.  Then submit the form to the Graduate School; you should receive notification of the decision relatively quickly.

There is also a policy on academic accommodation that permits new parents to postpone completion of academic requirements (course assignments, exams) while remaining enrolled as full-time students.  This is not a leave of absence.  Students will develop with their instructor a written plan for completing the course. 

For further information, refer to the Graduate School’s web pages.