All student athletes in the A. James Clark School of Engineering are eligible for priority registration.  This allows students more flexibility to work around practice times and participation in their given sport.  Priority registration provides access to registering for courses earlier in the semester.
You may access your official registration time and status on
For tips on how to prepare for an advising appointment, please visit:
Preparing for an Advising Appointment
In order to take advantage of priority registration, engineering student athletes are required to complete the steps below to have their registration hold removed:
  • First, meet with their assigned Athletic Academic Counselor* (
    • Discuss practice times, game times and appropriate class times 
  • Second, schedule an appointment with their Departmental Academic Advisor (
    • Discuss classes that should be taken in the upcoming semester
  • Third and Final step, meet with engineering’s Athlete Liaison Advisor (Shannon Bate,
    • Provide special advising stamps so students can register in the classes discussed with their departmental academic advisor
    • Registering into courses does not occur until this step is complete
If any changes need to be made to an engineering student athletes class schedule (add, drop, section change, etc.) the student will need to contact Shannon Bate at for permission to make the changes to their schedule. 
For more information about eligibility requirements and NCAA progression to degree, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog:
Please note, Football and Baseball have some different NCAA progression rules.  If you have questions regarding this, please reach out to the athletic department for more information.
*If you are a senior athlete and will be enrolled in less than full time schedule, please see your assigned Athletic Academic Counselor for necessary paperwork.