Engineering Leadership Capstone: Inclusive Leadership in Addressing Organizational & Societal Challenges (ENES424)

Curricular Leadership Experiences

ENES424 - Engineering Leadership Capstone: Inclusive Leadership in Addressing Organizational & Societal Challenges

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As the final academic experience in the Minor in Global Engineering Leadership, this capstone course is designed to be both retrospective and integrative, encouraging you to synthesize relevant concepts and experiences and to formulate your own informed perspective on the implications of leadership.

Using collective efforts, you will put theory into practice to search for inclusive, human-centered, and innovative solutions to today’s intractable social problems. More specifically, you will respond to one of the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century as a means to critically think about the application of leadership in engineering practice. The course is structured as a seminar. Classes are a mix of brief lectures, case studies and exemplars, in-depth discussion based on readings and written assignments, and experiential learning. Thus, throughout the semester you will be expected to demonstrate skill in analysis of course material, write with purpose and clarity, and engage in thoughtful group discussion.

Course Learning Outcomes

By actively participating in this course, you will:

  • Use written and verbal methods of communication to describe complex issues from local, national or international points of view.
  • Investigate and analyze the systemic dimensions of a leadership challenge from diverse, differing, and critical perspectives.
  • Work collectively with others to identify strategies that address contemporary leadership challenges.
  • Apply leadership, change, and organizational theories to systemically complicated issues.
  • Develop insights into your personal adaptive leadership skills, and how to enhance them.

How can I apply this course to my degree program?

  • Fulfills the capstone requirement for students in the Minor in Global Engineering Leadership

Meet Your Instructor

A headshot of Dr. Darren PierreDr. Darren Pierre is a lecturer in the Office of Global Engineering Leadership. Dr. Pierre's research is focused on college student development, student affairs profession, and leadership development. He has authored a book, book chapters, and journal articles focused on leadership and identity development. He carries years of experience as a university administrator, a leader within the field of higher education, and a contributor to many entity groups affiliated with higher education/student affairs.  He has spoken nationally on the ideals of leadership, integrity, and authenticity. Darren received his master's in Higher Education Policy and Leadership from the University of Maryland-College Park and his PhD in College Student Affairs Administration from the University of Georgia.

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