Engineering Career Services Peer Assistants help students with resume reviews, job search strategies, and general career advice. They also help to lead career workshops and events. Whether you come in person or schedule a virtual appointment, you will likely meet one of the following students.

Brooke Albright is a junior mechanical engineering major interested in the application of mathematical analysis to engineering. Her passion for engineering stems from her high school robotics team, which fostered a curiosity for how mechanical systems work. She enjoys helping fellow students navigate the application process and helping them perfect their resumes! 
Dilan Cruz-Flores is the eldest of four and a first generation student. Born of immigrant parents from Mexico and Guatemala, he had a curiosity for inventions and science from a very young age. Now a senior computer engineering major, he aspires to work in research and prototyping, where he hopes his work will help and bring aid to others. He is available to help fellow students reach their goals, whether it be by helping them write an excellent resume or coaching them on how to set up a compelling LinkedIn profile.
Allison GriffithAllison Griffith is a senior majoring in mechanical engineering and minoring in project management. She is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion and is heavily involved with the Women in Engineering Department at the Clark School. She is hoping to work in manufacturing, testing, or design after graduation. She would love to help Clark School students with their resume, LinkedIn profile, or how to search for internships or jobs using Careers4Engineers. 
Bintou Koroma is a junior bioengineering major. Passionate about the life sciences, she also enjoys the technicality of an engineering degree and the problem-solving it entails. After graduation, she hopes to find work in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. She is excited to help you bring out the best out of your skills and experiences on your resumes, Linkedin Profiles, and Cover Letters.

Victoria Miske is a senior civil and environmental engineering major with a minor in sustainability and is also part of the QUEST honors program. She has a passion for learning about and caring for environmental systems. Victoria hopes to combine her technical background and consulting experience in a career that drives efficiency and holistic sustainable practices in large scale processes. She is eager to help students craft glowing resumes and understand all of the resources available to them. 

Charlotte Ondatje is a senior civil and environmental engineering major with a minor in sustainability studies. Inspired by a past professor, she is passionate about improving access to fresh food and green spaces within urban areas and food deserts. She hopes to have a career focused on sustainable development and innovation and has a great interest in design and project management. She loves helping students succeed in their careers through resume help, job resources, and tips to prepare for interviews.

Jennifer Opara is a sophomore electrical engineering major. With a great interest in coding, she enjoys diving into projects while learning a new language. As a minority, she is eager to welcome more students of color and women into the engineering field. After graduation, she hopes to work as a software engineer, where she can take people’s desires, and translate it to something digestible to many people through code. For now, Jennifer wants to help students be the best versions of themselves through improving resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Brandon Soobitsky  is a junior electrical engineering major with aspirations towards biotechnical manufacturing and renewable resources. He is always willing to help out students with any of their professional needs, whether that is through resume writing, LinkedIn advice, and career fair guidance. Outside of the Career Services Center, Brandon has served on the executive board for the professional engineering fraternity Theta Tau, worked as a Lab Teaching Fellow for ENES100, and was involved with College Park Scholars within the Environment, Technology, and Economy program.
Ananya Uniyal profileAnanya Uniyal is a senior mechanical engineering and computer science double major. She is passionate about a career that combines both her majors, primarily industries such as robotics, autonomous systems, and software development with engineering applications. As a peer advisor, she can help students improve their resumes, write effective cover letters, and/or review their LinkedIn profiles. She hopes to provide students with useful advice to help them with their job/internship search. 
Angela Wong grew up enjoying UMD family engineering events such as Maryland Day and WIE summer camps. Now a junior majoring in fire protection with a minor in project management, she hopes to work on wildfire research or risk improvement consulting. She is always happy to discuss any career related questions, tips on improving resumes/cover letters, creating a LinkedIn profile, getting that interview, and finding the best restaurants in College Park.