Samuel Graham, Jr., Dean and Nariman Farvardin Professor

"Maryland engineers, alumni, and supporters have more to offer the world: We’re home to outstanding research capabilities and widely-recognized interdisciplinary centers and institutes. We’re one of the nation’s leading institutions for entrepreneurial activities and for graduating underrepresented students in STEM disciplines. All this work positions the Clark School to better impact society."

Dean Samuel Graham, Jr. is smiling. He is wearing a grey suit, a white shirt, and a red tie.

Veronica Perrigan, Director, Engineering Career Services

"The Clark School inspires students and staff every day to learn, grow, and achieve their best. I love how the supportive and welcoming environment encourages ideas for innovation and collaboration. The most noteworthy strength of the Clark School for me is the commitment to making sure students have all the tools needed to succeed in their engineering career."

Min Wu, Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs and Programs

"The Clark School is about innovation — pushing the boundaries of what was possible and turning the previous impossible and unthinkable into reality. It is about expanding our knowledge to the unknown and, through research and innovations, making the world and people’s lives better."

Sarah Robertson, Doctoral Student

"The Clark School has enhanced my academic and professional toolkits. The workshops, seminars and student organizations have allowed me to understand the impact my research can have on others as well as the influence my outreach can have on the next generation of engineers."

Image of graduate student Sarah Robertson

Vincent Lan, Undergraduate Student

"The Clark School redefines what it means to be an engineer; we do more than memorize formulas and take notes. We are innovators who infuse creativity with our knowledge of science and mathematics to design technology for a better future."

Vincent Lan is folding his arms and smiling at the camera. He is wearing a black t-shirt that reads "Department of Materials Science & Engineering."