The UMD LSAMP STEM Program offers a variety of opportunities to support the retention and graduation of undergraduate students in STEM disciplines. An emphasis is placed on achieving academic excellence, gaining research experiences, participating in scientific and technical conferences, and preparing competitive graduate school applications.
  1. U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident
  2. University of Maryland undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. degree in the following colleges:
  •    James A. Clark School of Engineering
  •     College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Science
  •     College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 
  • Receive information about domestic and international research opportunities
  • Utilize the LSAMP in-house research internship and conference database
  • Participation in the Undergraduate Research Program’s monthly meetings that focus on scientific writing and graduate school preparation
  • Access to academic advising with LSAMP staff
  • Introduction to graduate school and support activities including conference announcements and travel support, visits from recruiters, and graduate school visits
  • Professional development workshops
  • LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship eligibility
  • Access to diverse and supportive network within the University of Maryland’s campus
  1. Participate in at least TWO service activities through the Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering each academic year (i.e. telecounseling, outreach events, recruitment events, STEM Expo, etc.)
  2. Participate in THREE LSAMP sponsored events per semester, 1 must be a CMSE First Friday event...and you can only count 1 First Friday event towards this requirement (i.e. SCORE events and meetings, LSAMP workshops, etc.)
  3. Complete ALL LSAMP Program Evaluation activities

Please complete the registration form, HERE.

Registration Deadline: TBA

Contact Information

LSAMP Program Coordinator
Phone: 301-405-8106