If you are ready to declare a major, follow the change of major process that can be found at the Form & Requests page.  Once you receive confirmation that your major has been changed you can go directly to the academic department to be advised.  If you need help choosing an engineering major consider the following options:

As an undecided engineering student, you will need to declare a major prior to registering for your fourth term.

The major change process is for current students changing their major within the A. James Clark School of Engineering only. If you are an incoming freshman, please notify an advisor during your orientation date that you would like to change your major. If you plan to change out of the Engineering School, contact the corresponding college/department.  If you are currently pursuing a double degree or double major, in addition to submitting the "Changing Major within Engineering" online form, you will also need to fill out updated double degree/double major paperwork for your new major located on the Forms & Requests page.