Resume Clinics

If you prefer to work with students one-on-one; volunteer for a resume clinic.

Students bring their resumes or cover letters in hopes of getting an employer's point of view. This is an excellent opportunity for students to interact with you on an informal basis.

Mock Interviews

Meet some of our students while they get an opportunity to practice their interview skills. Set up a schedule with 30-minute interview blocks. This includes you offering the student 10 minutes of constructive feedback. We will provide sample interview questions or you may bring your own.

Employer-Led Workshops

Each year several employers lead workshops that assist our students in their career development.

Topics include: resume development, interviewing skills, career fair preparation, making the transition from school to work, evaluating salary offers, personal finance, the federal employment process, and professional etiquette.

If you have any area of expertise that you would like to share, we would be happy to schedule a session at your convenience.

To learn more or participate in one of our Recruiter-in-Residence programs, contact Lizzy Solovey,, or (301) 405-3864.