The 2022-23 scholarships application is still available for submission by current Clark School undergraduate students.

Starting in April 2023, current and incoming undergraduate students must complete the Clark School's online scholarships application via UMD's Scholarship Universe and by May 31st for best consideration. Log in to to complete your application and visit and for more information.

Scholarships for undergraduate engineering students are awarded annually by the Clark School and the academic units. Students must complete the online application each year to be considered for Clark School scholarships. The priority deadline is May 31 which means that students who submit the application by that date are considered first for our Clark School scholarships.

Applications are reviewed by the student's major department and by the Clark School after spring grades are posted and financial need is verified by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Applicants will be considered for every scholarship administered by the Clark School for which they are eligible. Only students receiving a scholarship will be notified by email. These notifications usually begin in July and continues into the fall semester. 

Please be aware that undergraduate scholarship funding for the Clark School changes each year. Students receiving scholarships funding one year may not receive the same or any funding in future years. 

Before You Begin the Online Scholarships Application

  1. Prepare a complete résumé or curriculum vitae. The résumé does not have to be one page for the scholarships application. Need help writing a résumé? Look at available workshops and resources from Engineering Career Services. Your résumé or CV must be submitted in PDF or MS Word format. A PDF preserves your formatting whereas the formatting in MS Word can change.
  2. Plan your responses to three short statements (please limit to 500 words per statement). Write professionally using good grammar, spelling and punctuation. In addition to being reviewed by the Clark School, you could be nominated for external scholarships provided by corporations or engineering organizations. We nominate students whose applications have a professional appearance.

    The short statements are:
  • Describe any financial considerations affecting your ability to attend the University of Maryland and to enroll in engineering courses. In particular, please include anything which may have not been addressed via the FAFSA, such as extenuating financial concerns, medical situations in the family, or parental unemployment.
  • Describe your engineering interests and career plans: how you became interested in engineering; what interests you about your major; your plans after graduation; and what you hope to do with your engineering degree.
  • For current UMD students, describe how have you contributed to the diversity of the Clark School and/or the university? For new, first-time students (including external transfer students), describe in what ways might you contribute to the diversity of the Clark School and/or the university? Please cite examples if applicable.

We strongly encourage students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually by the University of Maryland priority deadline of January 1, as many, but not all, engineering scholarships have a financial need requirement. 

When reviewing these applications, the Clark School will be looking at the student's application as a whole, with their University grade point average being one consideration. They will also be reviewed with an understanding that many high schools and colleges utilized Pass/Fail grading options during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2022-2023 Scholarships Application

For best consideration, please submit your scholarships application by the priority deadline of May 31st each year.

For additional questions, please email us at