The annual E. Robert Kent Teaching Award for Junior Faculty in the Clark School of Engineering will recognize a junior faculty member with a plaque and cash award (processed through payroll). Nominations from faculty and students are being solicited at this time.

Please work with the faculty member’s respective department to gather all nomination materials.

The evaluation factors in determining the award recipient are:

  • Assistant or Associate Professor with less than 10 years full-time teaching experience at time of nomination;
  • Colleague and student appraisals (evaluations from CoursEvalUM will be gathered and reviewed by the awarding committee);
  • Significant contribution(s) to teaching, preferably at both the undergraduate and graduate levels;
  • Innovative classroom techniques and classroom materials;
  • Ability to motivate students to learn.

The packet submitted for nominees must not exceed 15 pages, including appendices; any packets exceeding the 15 page maximum will not be considered. The nomination packet MUST include the following:

  • A letter of nomination;
  • Three letters of recommendation consisting of one each from: a student; University colleague (e.g., faculty member, administrator); and the nominee’s Department chair (if is not the letter of nomination)
  • A one page statement from the nominee as to their meeting the criteria of the award which include the nominee’s department(s), time at the University of Maryland, and academic rank;
  • A one page summary sheet of student evaluations and no more than one page of student comments;
  • A listing of classes taught at the University during the past 10 years (or since being appointed at UM, if shorter);
  • A summary of specific examples of innovative classroom techniques and classroom materials used by the nominee.
  • Any additional materials, including appendices, beyond the 15 page maximum may not be reviewed by the committee.
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Meet Our 2024 Recipient: Gregg Duncan

Gregg Duncan is an Associate Professor in the Fischell Department of Bioengineering, where he has displayed a genuine passion for engaging student’s interests through teaching and integrating aspects of his research into his courses.; He has a clear vision of the skills needed for modern bioengineers to succeed in their future careers, reflected in his course objectives, concepts, and projects that support the growth of students’ capabilities and confidence in applying quantitative approaches to characterize, formulate, and design solutions to today’s most complex bioengineering problems. He is also serving as Director of the BIOE Honors Program, whose participants have been regularly placed in leading Ph.D. programs nationwide, with several earning the highly prestigious NSF GRFP fellowship. His teaching contributions have extended beyond the university, where he has worked with the College of Education and the Maryland Institute for Minority Achievement and Urban Education to establish an internship program for Baltimore City science teachers serving URM student populations, providing them with first-hand experience performing research in bioengineering labs and developing lab-based educational activities for their students.

Gregg Duncan, Fischell Department of Bioengineering

Past Recipients