As an engineer, it might seem like there are fewer opportunities to go abroad during your time in college, but with the right planning, it is possible! If you are considering a summer or semester away from the United States, an international internship might be a great option for you. An international internship allows you to experience a new culture and environment while also gaining valuable engineering experience and building up your resume. There are also several additional reasons to consider interning abroad:

  • Potentially earn academic credit - Many internship opportunities include joint language/internship options, or culture classes/internship options.
  • International Engineering Minor - An international internship will fulfill one of the requirements for the international minor - even if you are not taking any engineering classes abroad. Click here to learn more about the International Engineering Minor.
  • Cultural Immersion - A great chance to live and work in another country and experience a new culture first hand!
  • Global Perspective - Learn about a new place, meet new people, make new experiences that challenge you to think differently.
  • Learn a new language - Many internships are available in countries like England, Australia, and Ireland, but it can also be a great opportunity to go to a non-English speaking country and pick up a new language.
  • Increase your marketability in the job force - Working abroad shows that you are open to new ideas and places, have experiences working with people that are different from yourself, and are willing to challenge yourself.

For more information visit the Co-op and Career Services webpage about work abroad.