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The purpose of The Women in Engineering Student Advisory Board (WIESAB) is to provide feedback, insight, advice, and support to the Women in Engineering Program, and to promote community among all women in the School of Engineering. 

Meet Our Members!


Priscilla Lee Chair WIESAB

Priscilla Lee - Chair of WIESAB

Priscilla Lee is a rising senior Bioengineering major with a minor in Global Engineering Leadership development! She is thrilled to serve as the chair of WIESAB for the 2020-2021 year and is excited for what’s to come! Within WIE, she has served as the past president of the Flexus Living and Learning Program, a SEEDS mentor, and currently serves as a WIE mentor coordinator! Outside of WIE,  Priscilla is a Clark School Ambassador, a member of the QUEST Honors Program, part of Alpha Omega Epsilon, and an undergraduate research assistant for the Maisel Immunoengineering Lab. In her free time, she loves to drink coffee and go to the gym!

Farida Abubakar

Farida Abubakar is a Junior Civil & Environmental major on the water resource track. She switched into this major not too long ago because she just recently figured out how to align her personal passions with her academic goals. By becoming a civil engineer, Farida looks forward to working on sustainable development, environmental risk analysis, and stormwater/wastewater management. With her career, she wants to work constantly to promote the overall health, well being, and preservation of our planet.

Farida Abubakar WIESAB Member

Asma Farooqui WIESAB Member

Asma Farooqui

Asma Farooqui is a senior Bioengineering major with a focus on public health development. When she is not studying for classes, Asma is usually working with her club members in Engineering World Health to prototype medical devices, running uphill to Stamp for a snack, or trying to find the best chocolate chip cookie recipe! Since she started at UMD, WIE has been a huge part of her college experience, from programs such as Flexus to events like Girl Scout Engineering day. She is excited to jump into planning initiatives for the women in the Clark school and bring our community closer!

Megan Keyser

Megan Keyser is a junior studying Chemical Engineering. She is very passionate about sustainability in both her personal life and career path decisions. On campus, Megan participates in many clubs, including Beyond Shelter, Greek Life, and serving on the board for AIChE. Megan loves to spend time with her family and friends when she can!

Megan Keyser WIESAB Member

Alexandra Le Moine WIESAB Member

Alexandra Le Moine

Alexandra Le Moine is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Maryland studying under Dr. Alison Flatau. Ms. Le Moine's research includes using computational methods to investigate the effects of particle ingestion on turbulence modulation in gas turbine engines.

Michelle Marsandi

Michelle Marsandi is a senior Computer Engineering major. In addition to her participation in WIESAB, she is currently the VP of Eta Kappa Nu, the ECE honors society, and a member of IEEE and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Outside of engineering,  Michelle is in the Gemstone Honors Program on team AIMAR, the treasurer of Gift to Uplift, a service organization that creates personal story books for children with serious medical conditions and a student mentor within Kairos Christian Fellowship.

Michelle Marsandi WISAB Member

Grusha Mehrotra WIESAB Member

Grusha Mehrotra

Grusha Mehrotra is a Cybersecurity graduate student at UMD. Her journey with Cybersecurity started when she was in high school and happened to replicate a youtube video tutorial for bypassing Ubuntu's login. Since then, there has been no stopping for her. Along the years, Grusha was self-motivated to educate herself on various Cybersecurity concepts, the result of which got her to intern with Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) India & Deloitte (Offensive Security/Red-teaming) and Salesforce (Defensive Security/Blue-teaming). When Grusha is not studying or working, she is either playing guitar, singing or exploring new music. She is happy to be a part of WIE at UMD. 

Tima Mikdashi

Tima Mikdashi is a senior Bioengineering major with a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship. On campus, she is involved in the Global Fellows program, Engineering World Health, the Catalyst, Women in Engineering and the biomedical engineering society, BMES. In Tima's free time, she likes to hunt down local foodie spots, read and watch tennis. 

Tima Mikdashi WIESAB Member

Sarah Nolad WIESAB Member

Sarah Noland

Sarah Noland is a rising Junior studying Mechanical Engineering student. On campus, she is involved in SWE, Alpha Omega Epsilon, and is a member of the University Honors and QUEST Business Honors program. Sarah has been passionate about helping WIE since she was recruited by the WIE Summer camps in high school, and she can't wait to make a difference during the rest of her time at school!

Alexis D. Williams

Alexis D. Williams is a junior Aerospace Engineering student. She is the current Vice President of the Out in STEM (OSTEM) chapter at UMD. She is also a Clark Leader who facilitates weekly meetings to help freshmen engineering students connect with the Clark school and develop soft skills for being successful. Alexis is passionate about supporting the Clark School community and promoting diversity.

Alexis Williams WIESAB Member


Elizabeth Kurban, PhD
Assistant Director, Retention
Women in Engineering