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The purpose of The Women in Engineering Student Advisory Board (WIESAB) is to provide feedback, insight, advice, and support to the Women in Engineering Program, and to promote community among all women in the School of Engineering. 

Meet Our Members!


Sarah Noland - Chair of WIESAB

Sarah Noland is a Senior studying Mechanical Engineering. On campus, Sarah is involved in SWE, Alpha Omega Epsilon, and is a member of the University Honors and QUEST Business Honors program. Sarah has been passionate about helping WIE since she was recruited by the WIE Summer camps in high school, and she looks forward to continuing to make a difference during the rest of her time at UMD.

Farida Abubakar

Farida Abubakar is a Senior Civil & Environmental major on the water resource track, which aligns her personal passions with her academic goals. By becoming a civil engineer, Farida looks forward to working on sustainable development, environmental risk analysis, and stormwater/wastewater management. With her career, she wants to work constantly to promote the overall health, well being, and preservation of our planet.

Ijeoma Asonye

I am Ijeoma Asonye. I am a student, author, entrepreneur, and artist. I study Mechanical Engineering and Creative Writing at the University of Maryland. Outside of school, I write A LOT. I wrote the novel, "The Beautiful Math of Coral", a coming-of-age story set in college, one reason being that I love to tell stories. I like being involved in different modes of expression whether that be helping out in virtual reality projects, spending a year writing a book, or taking a class about graphic novels. As you can probably tell, I am someone who likes to explore and be free. l'd like to say I am someone with an artistic soul but engineering doesn't hold me back (despite the large premise about STEM not being creative) it just gives me another way to express my artistic self and engineer different forms of art!

Hanna Claffey

Hanna Claffey is a junior studying Civil and Environmental engineering. She is extremely passionate about sustainability and hopes to use her degree to find better ways to protect the environment. When not studying, she loves to read, travel, and is currently fostering cats. In the future, she hopes to study abroad, get involved with Terps Raising Pups, and spread awareness to the younger generation about how important STEM is!

Aniqa Islam

Aniqa Islam is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and minoring in Planetary Science. She first became involved with WIE through the FYSE program the summer before her freshman year and has met some of her closest friends through it. She’s excited to be serving on the WIESAB and helping to promote diversity and further inclusivity in engineering by working with women for women. On campus, she is primarily involved with the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) chapter at UMD. Off campus, you can find her reading, creating crafts and watching musicals!

Megan Keyser

Megan Keyser is a senior studying Chemical Engineering. She is very passionate about sustainability in both her personal life and career path decisions. On campus, Megan participates in many clubs, including Beyond Shelter, Greek Life, and serving on the board for AIChE. Megan loves to spend time with her family and friends when she can!

Amisha Kunvar

Amisha Kunvar is a senior Computer Engineering major with minors in Global Engineering Leadership and Technology Entrepreneurship. She is really passionate about promoting womxn and minorities and STEM and looks forward to serving on the WIESAB. Within WIE, Amisha has been a SWE mentor. On campus, she is involved in Global Fellows (Science Diplomacy), Hinman CEOs, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Clark School Ambassadors, Engineers Without Borders, and UNICEF. In her free time, Amisha enjoys freelance photography, tea, and the outdoors!

Emily Leo

Emily is a Maryland native and senior bioengineering major, with career aspirations in the biotech/biopharmaceutical industry. She is passionate about women in engineering initiatives and is actively involved in WIE programs such as Flexus, tutoring, lunch bunches, and peer mentoring as well as the sorority for engineering and technical science majors, Alpha Omega Epsilon. Her favorite hobby is dance and she is the Vice President and Artistic Director for Ballet Company M, which is the only student run, performing ballet company on campus. She is also involved in research, QUEST, and the Student Alumni Leadership Council. She is so excited to be a member of WIESAB and to represent voices from all corners of campus!

Anamica Rai

Anamica Rai is a junior studying Civil Engineering. She is passionate about sustainability and looks forward to learning about sustainable designs. In her personal life, she enjoys reading and hopes to complete her 2021 Goodreads challenge! In the future she hopes to travel after graduating and volunteer with EWB later in her career

Shruti Vig

Shruti Vig is a second-year Ph.D. student at the Fischell Department of Bioengineering at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her research focuses on developing targeted optical therapeutics to enhance drug delivery to the brain under Dr. Huang Chiao-Huang guidance at UMCP and Dr. Graeme F. Woodworth at UMB. Outside of the lab, Shruti enjoys swimming, hiking, and exploring new places. Shruti is an aficionado of creating inclusive environments to encourage women to achieve their fullest potential as an engineer. As a member of WIESAB, she looks forward to contributing towards sparking a community amongst women in engineering.

Daksha Williams

Daksha Williams is a senior Aerospace Engineering student. She is the current Vice President of the Out in STEM (OSTEM) chapter at UMD. She is also a Clark Leader who facilitates weekly meetings to help freshmen engineering students connect with the Clark school and develop soft skills for being successful. Daksha is passionate about supporting the Clark School community and promoting diversity.


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