Enjoy the process, for it is only through heat and pressure that coal becomes diamond.  You will face a lot of struggle, remember you have gotten this far, you have what it takes to finish, if and only if you choose to continue.  When you get knocked down, take the time to recover, but don't stay down forever.

Bryan St. George
Project Manager at Lewis Price & Associates, Inc.

Degree(s) at UMD:

  • B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, 1998


Bryan is an experienced Project Engineer with over 20 years of experience with internal and external quality system management; system-level documentation management; and requirements verification, validation, and approval. He’s lead over 100 supplier surveys, to review and provide oversight of manufacturing, and maintenance processing, and higher-level quality system management, primarily focused on the management of mission critical components, and systems.


  • BES/NSBE (Black Engineers Society)
  • SHPE (Sub-regional student representative)

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