Persist until you succeed - Og Mandino Please keep in mind that failure is not an option and it is only plausible when you cease to make additional attempts. Life can be strenuous and failures are frequent but persistence will lead you to your destiny. Always keep in mind that you may just be one failure away from fulfilling your purpose so it is imperative that you keep trying. Until you achieve your purpose the world will be missing what you have to offer, so keep going the world needs your brilliance!

Kailyn Cage, Ph.D.
Hardware Development Engineer at Amazon Lab126

Degree(s) at UMD:

  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, 2017
  • B.S. in Physical Science and Mechanical Engineering, 2011

Degree(s) at Other Institutions:

  • M.S. in Integrated Systems Engineering at The Ohio State University, 2013


Dr. Kailyn Cage has won multiple awards throughout her career, she won the NSF BD Fellowship, the Homeland Security Fellowship, the Los Alamos National Laboratory Graduate Research Fellowship, the Willie Web Fellowship, the National Institute of Health Fellowship, the Warren Citron Innovation Fellowship, was a finalist at Hack the Planet, served on the University Senate Committee for both the University of Maryland and The Ohio State University. Dr. Cage has U.S. Patents for Device for Drying (US9930950B1, March 2015) and for Transmitting Tagges Electronic Messages (US20180219810A1, August 2016) and a U.S. copyright in Data-Driven Personas with Health Information Technology Design Requirement (IS-2015-062, 2015). Dr. Cage also serves her community by volunteering her time as a Robot Design Judge for FIRST, an Education Volunteer for CityTeam, and works with the University of Maryland's CMSE office to host the Bi-Annual STEM Expo.


  • BES/NSBE (Black Engineers Society)
  • LSAMP Bridge to Doctorate Fellowship
  • LSAMP Undergraduate Research Program

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