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Shakira Hobbs, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor at University of Kentucky

Degree(s) at UMD

B.S. in Environmental Science and Technology (Ecological Technology Design), 2012

Degree(s) at Other Institutions:

  • Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at Clemson University, 2017
  • Ph.D. in Sustainable Engineering at Arizona State University, 2015
  • M.S. in Environmental Engineering at Arizona State University, 2014


Dr. Shakira Hobbs’ scholarship explores system approaches to environmental engineering, international development, and life cycle thinking applied to the food, energy, and water nexus as an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Hobbs is the founder and CEO of BioGals, an international non-profit organization whose mission is to empower women of color around the world to bring their ideas to life, engineer dynamic solutions for sustainable development, and establish a legacy of changemakers who embody cultural diversity.  Notably, she has worked on sustainable development projects throughout the world with great impact in Belize. As a student, she was a National Science Foundation IGERT student and had various NSBE and BGSA leadership roles. Dr. Hobbs work has been disseminated across traditional academic journals and appeared in popular media such as Women of Color Magazine, WKYT News and Stabroek News.


  • BES/NSBE (Black Engineers Society)

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