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Terri Carroll-Hayes
Executive Consultant, Cyber Security Strategy, Policy and Outreach
Mfusion, Inc.


Degree(s) at UMD:

  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering, 1985

Degree(s) at Other Institutions:

  • M.S. in Business at The Johns Hopkins University, 1994
  • Organizational Change Management Advanced Practitioner, Georgetown University


During her 8 years at MFusion, Terri worked first as a Cyber Security Consultant and now is an Executive Consultant. Terri worked at Booz Allen for 16 years as a Lead Associate and associate of Organization and Strategy. She currently serves as a Council Member for the Maryland Cybersecurity Council appointed by the Attorney General for the state of Maryland, she also serves as Board Member for Action in Montgomery. She has been endorsed by her peers for her knowledge and expertise in Program Management, Strategy, and Management Consulting.
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