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Baum, Howard R.

Baum, Howard R.

Glenn L. Martin Professor
Fire Protection Engineering
3106D J.M. Patterson Building


  • B. Aeronautical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn 1957
  • M.S. Applied Mechanics, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn 1959
  • Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, (Div. Engineering and Applied physics) Harvard University 1964


  • Glenn L. Martin Professor, University of Maryland (2006 -)
  • Research Physicist (1975-1983) and Fellow (1983-2006), National Institute of Standards and Technology (formerly National Bureau of Standards)
  • Senior Scientist, Aerodyne Research Inc., Billerica, MA, (1971-1975)
  • Lecturer (1964-1966) and Assistant Professor (1966-1971) Division of Engineering and Applied Physics, Harvard University


  • U.S. Dept. Commerce Silver Medal Award (1981) and Gold Medal Award (1985) for fire modeling and research.
  • Russell Severance Springer Visiting Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, U.C. Berkeley (1985).
  • Invited Lecturer, Second IAFSS Symposium, Tokyo (June, 1988).
  • Medal of Excellence, IAFSS, for urban fire model (1991).
  • U.S. Delegate, Japan - U.S. heat Transfer Joint Seminar (1991).
  • Japan Society for Promotion of Science Fellow, Tokyo University, Institute of Industrial Science, Murakami and Kato Laboratory (1994).
  • Invited Lecturer, Sixth International Conference on Numerical Combustion, New Orleans (1996).
  • Arthur B. Guise Medal, Society of Fire Protection Engineers, for fire simulation research (1999).
  • Phillip Thomas Medal of Excellence, IAFSS, for corridor smoke modeling, (1999).
  • Fellow and Charted Physicist, Institute of Physics, (1999).
  • Long Term Visitor, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), Univ. of Minnesota, Program on Reactive Flow and Transport Phenomena (1999).
  • National Academy of Engineering (2000).
  • Invited Lecturer, Third International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards, Lake Windermere, U.K., (April, 2000).
  • Invited Lecturer, Third International Symposium on Scale Modeling, Nagoya, Japan, (Sept. 2000).
  • Arthur Newell Talbot Lecture, Dept. of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Univ. of Illinois, (Mar. 2002).
  • Invited Lecture, Second NRIFD Symposium - Science, Technology, and Standards for Fire Suppression Systems, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan, (July 2002).
  • Howard W. Emmons Invited Plenary Lecture, Eighth IAFSS Symposium, Beijing, (Sept. 2005).
  • Invited Plenary Lecture, APS Division of Fluid Mechanics Annual Meeting, Chicago, (Nov. 2005).
  • U.S. Dept. Commerce Group Gold Medal Award for contributions to World Trade Center Investigation (2005).
  • Distinguished Paper Award in Fire Research Colloquium, Thirty-First International Symposium on Combustion (2007).
  • NIST Gallery of Distinguished Alumni (2007).


  • NRC Naval Studies Board Panel "ONR Research Activities in Sold and Fluid Mechanics" (1986, 1991).
  • NRC Panel "Status of Nuclear Winter Research" (1987).
  • NRC Committee on Microgravity Research (2001 - 2004).
  • Member Editorial Board, Combustion Theory and Modeling (1997 - 2006).
  • Member Editorial Board, Combustion and Flame (2001 - 2006).
  • Member U.S. Panel, U.S. - Japan Natural Resources (UJNR) Panel on Fire Research and Safety (1996, 1998, 2000), Associate Member (1988, 1992).
  • Board of Visitors, Dept. Fire Protection Engineering, Univ. of Maryland (2004 - 2006).
  • Hurricane Intensity Research Working Group, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), (2005-2006).


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