Professor Anthony Ephremides is appointed the Cynthia Kim Professor in Information Technology

Professor Anthony Ephremides, electrical and computer engineering and Institute for Systems Research is appointed the Cynthia Kim Professor in Information Technology, effective August 23, 2003.

Dr. Ephremides was among the pioneers in studying wireless communication networks. He was the first to propose and study ad hoc multihop wireless networks in 1979 and has continuously made major contributions in that field since then. He was also the first to identify the role of higher layer protocols in conserving energy and the need to exploit the coupling between layers in the design of wireless networks. Dr. Ephremides' work has literally initiated new tracks of research that have become standard components of all journals and conferences in the area of wireless networking. He is considered the father of self-organizing algorithm research for mobile ad hoc networks and has performed pioneering research in most aspects of that field. He has impressed upon the networking community the importance of the physical layer link and has promoted within the information theory community the extension of that powerful theory to the field of networking. In addition, Dr. Ephremides has made seminal contributions in a variety of focused topics in classical communication theory, stochastic systems, and in several application areas. He has shown leadership in education by pioneering innovative Industry-Academia cooperation programs and mentoring many graduate students who are now distinguished researchers and professors around the world. Dr. Ephremides is a Fellow of the IEEE, past chair of the International Symposium on Information Theory and past chair of Infocom.

Published August 22, 2003