Clark School's 2013 Future Faculty Fellows Announced

The following Clark School graduate students have been selected as 2013 Future Faculty Fellows:

Omar Ayyub (Bioengineering)
Andrew Berkovich (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Levi David Devries (Aerospace Engineering)
Xiaoyu Chu (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Zohreh Ghorbaniardakani (Mechanical Engineering)
Meng Hu (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Maya Kabkab (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Amir Reza Kashani Pour (Mechanical Engineering)
Sadaf Khosravifar (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Jeremy Knittel (Aerospace Engineering)
Tsung-Hsueh Lee (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Raphael Mandel (Mechanical Engineering)
Pritam Mukherjee (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Hanna Nilsson (Materials Science and Engineering)
Ryan Q. Rudy (Mechanical Engineering)
Zhu Shuze (Mechanical Engineering)
Michael Wiederoder (Bioengineering)
Chenfeng Xiong (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Xianfeng Yang (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Zhijian Zhang (Mechanical Engineering)

The Clark School's Future Faculty Fellows program is designed to help increase the number of highly qualified teachers the Clark School produces for the world’s engineering schools, and prepare selected doctoral students to achieve career-long success in the academic world as teachers and researchers. Future Faculty Fellows also receive a $3,000 travel stipend to present their research at professional conferences.

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Published January 20, 2013