Michael O'Neill

Class of 2026
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Global Engineering Leadership and General Business
Hometown: Brookeville, Maryland
High School: Sherwood High School
What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
I grew up in Maryland and always dreamed of going to UMD. My father is an alumni and always spoke of his fond memories of the campus and its community. What really drove me to come here, however, what my interest in engineering and UMD's nationally renowned A. James Clark school of engineering, where I can proudly say I have found a home in.
Best Experience with a Class or Project

"My favorite project would have to be the Over Terrain Vehicle (OTV) project from ENES100. It was my first experience to being hands on with projects here at UMD and in a collaborative environment of 7 other contributors to the vehicle. It was an amazing opportunity to learn about what it means to be an engineer by going through the design process to create the most optimal OTV for my groups specific mission, which was fire detection and suppression.

Best experience would be when my groups OTV short circuited. Even though my group was devastated and left in grief since a project milestone was slowly approaching, we managed to recover and regain our footing by supporting one another and overcoming it. This experience helped me understand the importance of overcoming obstacles and working collaboratively to come out on top rather than focus on the failure and give up."

Favorite Class In Major
ENES100: Introduction to Engineering Design
Favorite Class Out of Major
ENGL142: Literary Maryland
Student Organizations/Extracurricular Activities
Clark Scholars Program (Cohort 5)
University Senate (Engineering Undergraduate chair and committee on committees undergraduate representative)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) (Fall 2023 Membership Chair)
ENES100 Undergraduate Teaching Fellow
Favorite On-Campus Event
I have too many. Free fest, first look fair, football tailgate and games, homecoming season, and so many more activities are amazing experiences that I highly recommend. However, one I attend annually and recommend to everybody is Maryland Day, which takes place in late April.
Favorite Research or Study Abroad Experiences
I am looking into studying abroad in Madrid, Spain for Spring 2024 and I'm so excited!
Cool Engineering Experience

"Meeting all the fantastic engineering professors, especially those in the keystone center. They're vey chill and down to earth with their students and are there to support you rather than fail you. They want to help inspire the next generation of engineers, and understand that it starts with themselves and their classes.

On a side note, shout out to Dr. Jarred Young, who has been an amazing professor and mentor for me through my engineering experience since my first semester here at UMD, and who I am currently working with as an undergraduate teaching fellow."

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